Training Bow and Arrow Set for Youth Adult Beginners


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Product Description:
*Durable wooden riser which can be taken down and can hold enough resistance and stretch.
*Simple design for starters, a really excellent starter bow.
*The lightweight wooden riser is ergonomically designed with round edges and a fine finished
*Ambidextrous reinforced handle
*Soft-touch grip for excellent handling.
*A wooden handle that will allow you to have your best experience while aiming at your target.
*Designed for right-hand archer shooters.

1x recurve bow/1x Archery recurve takedown bow
6x Fiberglass arrows
2x Target paper
2x String nocks
1x Armguard
1x Finger guard

Draw weight: 30-59 Pounds
Type: Bow & Arrow Set
Usage: hunting
Material: quality aluminum alloy and wood
Draw weight: 40lb
Bow Type: Recurve Bow
Bow strength material: Tire line material bowstring
Bow length: Approx 47 inches