Ultralight Mini Camping Stove


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Durable Material: Lightweight and are resistant to high temperatures.

Triangular Support: Can bear about 11 lbs, easily support camping cookware.

Backpacking Stove: Net weight just 1.7oz (easy storage and carry).

Flame Control:  An adjustable control valve for fast maximum heat output after ignition.

Screw Thread Connector: Can connect threaded type butane tank.

Fuel & Gas Consumption: Butane gas, with consumption: 0.3lb/h.


Product Name: Mini Camping Stove

Material: 60% titanium alloy, 20% stainless steel, 10% copper

Rated Power: 2600W

Flame Control: Switch to control fire

Net Weight: 1.7oz

Folding size: 2×1.2in

Open size: 2.7×3.1in

Package Includes:

1 x stove

1 x sack

1 x storage box