What to Take on Your Hunting Trip

If you’re going hunting soon, you’ll need more than just a gun and camouflage clothing, especially if your hunting excursion will also include camping. Making sure you have more than what you need for the trip ensures that you can handle minor (or even some major) emergencies well, so you can enjoy your outdoor vacation and come back home with a few “souvenirs.”

For a winter hunting trip, you’ll need wool socks, shirts, and sweaters to insulate your body and keep heat from escaping. Chances are you’ll be on the hunting trail for hours at a time, so staying warm in harsh fall or winter climates is a must for your health. Wearing long johns underneath your clothing is also recommended if you’re in an area where temperatures are very low. This will keep your blood circulating at a healthy rate and prevent conditions like hypothermia.

Bear spray is also highly recommended for a camping trip, especially during the bear season, which is during the fall and winter. Bear spray is similar to pepper spray that is used on humans to ward off an attack. The spray’s main ingredient is Oleoresin Capsicum, which comes from chili peppers and irritates the eye on contact. If you’re attacked by a bear, spraying this immediately will distract the animal so that you can get to a safe place and avoid being attacked while hunting.

Binoculars and a hunting knife are also hunting trip essentials. The binoculars will help you to see your prey from miles away, and the hunting knife will help you to gut and ward off small creatures. It’s also a must that you’re preparing for the elements; a heavy raincoat that will keep you dry as you target your prey and sunscreen with a high SPF will protect your skin from UV damage, so you can focus on the thrill of catching the animal you want with your perfect aim.

When you’re finished hunting for the day, you’ll want to go “home” to a camping site that is as comfortable as possible. Choose a sleeping bag that will keep you warm even in 20 or 30 degrees (Fahrenheit) weather. Pack a flashlight and extra batteries so that you can move around the campground safely. If you’re sleeping in a tent, select one that is made of sturdy materials so you’ll be protected from rain and snow while you’re sleeping.

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