How Hunting Calls Work

How Hunting Calls Work

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How Hunting Calls Work

Hunting calls are a form of gadget frequently used by hunters to make their hunt more successful and productive. Although the idea behind them is straightforward, you still will need to understand the fundamentals when using a hunting call considering that it is more like a musical instrument than merely a whistle.

Hunting calls will require a decent amount of practice to altogether get the hang of. For a hunting call to be effective, the hunter needs to generate the right sound in order to bring the target closer and not scare it away.

Types of Hunting Calls

Generally there are many styles of hunting calls. There are hunting calls that are mass-produced and others that are artistically handmade. Having said that, every one of them ultimately serve the same purpose which is to lure a target close enough to the hunter to make the shot. There are two primary types of hunting calls. The first type that work when air is blown through and then secondly, electronic calls which operate on the push of a switch.

Types of hunting calls to use for your hunting objectives 

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Hand calls

These types of hunting calls are held in your hand, right up close to your mouth wherein they are blown like a whistle to produce the sound. These are the most popular type of hunting calls because they are pretty uncomplicated to use and most don’t even need an instruction guide.

There are five major elements that help in creating sound. The barrel is the hollow cylinder through which the hunter blows in air. A hunting call must have a barrel if you want to produce sound. Hold the barrel to your mouth and simply blow like a normal whistle. Differences in call and the sound can be made in the different types of ways in which you blow.

Box call

This is made from a rectangular hollow box with marginally arched sides to work as sounding boards. The top is covered by a lid using a hinge screw making it possible for it to move back and forth when producing sound. It produces sound when its sections are rubbed together in a slide sort of motion against the sides of the box. The more you slide, the better your sound quality.

Diaphragm call

There are two kinds of diaphragm cells, interior and exterior calls An exterior diaphragm call is made up of a thin piece of latex stretched over a plastic tube. Hold the latex-end against your mouth and blow. Interior diaphragm fits effectively inside your mouth. Blow deep through the mouth piece as the reeds face forward. Diaphragm calls are normally used when hunting for game birds such as turkey and hen.

Electronic calls

More recently as technology has progressed at replicating animal sounds and signals, electronic calls are starting to become the more favored hunting calls used by many hunters today. They are made with a switch that allows it to produce sound. It makes use of sounds saved from a computer chip.

All you have to do is push a key and various sounds are produced. Electronic hunting calls are unique because they produce different kinds of sounds and can be easily adjusted to suit the game or prey you are targeting. 

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Hunting calls are definitely items that should form part of your hunting gear. They are a lot of fun just to use, are easy to carry and user-friendly … especially after a little practice. The choice to use electronic or manual hunting calls is really up to you and comes down to your personal preference.

The main factor to take note of is in matching up the hunting call to the type of target you seek.

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