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Best Tree Climbing Boots In 2022 – Top Picks & Buying Guide!

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Climbing trees are fun and adventurous until your safety and comfort are secured. Hence, finding out the best tree climbing boots for your safety and comfort is necessary. While climbing trees, you would always need proper grip and traction for safety.

Choosing a tree climbing boot with proper grip and comfort at the same time is not so easy. You can use cheap and normal shoes for climbing trees but they won’t last as long as you think. As you are going to climb trees regularly, it is a wise decision to invest in good quality boots. For your enjoyable tree climbing experience, we have found out the best boots for tree climbing.

8 Best Tree Climbing Boots Reviews

Here are the top 8 best tree climbing shoes we have found out after a long research and user experience:

1. Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers G7313 Work Boot

Georgia mens Men's 8" Loggers G7313 industrial and construction boots, Brown, 8 US

Here is our first choice as the best boots for tree climbing. Georgia boot men’s loggers are one of the most stylish and durable tree climbing shoes available in the market. If you are fashion conscious about everything you wear, then this boot is the perfect choice for your tree climbing tasks. We all know that leather made shoes are the most durable and comfortable ones. If you want both durability and comfort at the same time then Georgia boot men’s logger boots would be in our top recommendation for you. This boot is made of pure leather. Shoe flexibility is needed for tree climbing. The more flexible your shoes are, the more grip you are going to get.

For better flexibility and grip, these shoes come with rubber soles and outsoles. Thus, you can rely on this shoe’s comfort and safety. Georgia boots come in two classy colors. Both brown and tumbled chocolate color options look fancy and classy at the same time. You can comfortably wear them for a long time as their breathability is amusing. Your legs would not sweat even if you wear them for a long time. You might feel the concern of waterproofing as this has good breathability. But you would be glad to know you can use them in any ambiance as they are waterproof. You can tie up its laces very tightly without any discomfort to prevent water from getting inside.


  • Premium comfort even if you wear these shoes for long hours for its amusing breathability.
  • Promising grip for climbing trees with rubber soles and outsoles.
  • Laces can be tied tightly without any discomfort.
  • Can be worn in any weather as these shoes are waterproof.


  • These shoes are too pricey.
Georgia mens Men's 8" Loggers G7313 industrial and construction boots, Brown, 8 US
  • Boots built to work no matter what weather
  • All purpose heavy duty perfomance
  • All day comfort

2. Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid GTX

Salewa Men's High Rise Hiking Shoes, Asphalt/Fluo Orange, 7.5

Salewa mountain trainer Mid GTX hiking boot for men is another premium choice for you to make. These sporty boots look a lot more stylish and sporty than any other tree climbing boots. These boots are used for rock climbing and tree climbing for their amazing reliability. The first thing your shoes must-have for tree climbing is flexibility and grip. Salewa’s GTX hiking boots ensure extreme flexibility and grip with their rubber sole and outsole. Rubber soles are the most durable and comfortable soles for sports shoes.

The outsole comes with small spikes to increase your comfort and grip while climbing trees or any hard surfaces. Tree climbing shoes must have good quality laces that can be tightly fitted without any discomfort. This shoe comes with a 3F lacing system that supports a heavy grip and can be tightly tied.

You can tie these laces so tightly that even water can not enter inside the shoes. Salewa GTX hiking shoes are perfect for tree climbing because of their intensive durability. These shoes are made of genuine leather. The leather quality is durable and comfortable at the same time. You can wear these shoes for a long time as they have good breathability. This means that your legs would not sweat even if you wear them for a long time. 

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No matter what size the shoe is, it will fit your legs. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Salewa shoes are size adjustable. So these shoes feature multi-fit footbeds to fit in any size. This shoe dual-density midsole is very lightweight even though the shoe itself is too heavy.


  • Comes with amazing breathability because of its airflow design.
  • Highly durable as they are made of genuine leather.
  • Multi-fit footbed to adjust in any leg size.
  • 3f lacing system to tightly tie the laces without any discomfort.


  • This shoe is too heavy.

3. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Medium Brown, 7

Timberland men’s white wedge shoes are one of the best budget tree climbing boots on our list. This shoe comes with a stylish black leather design and premium facilities at a comparatively low price. It is very much popular for its reliable waterproofing and ankle comfort facilities.

These mid waterproof shoes ensure 100% leather built quality as they are highly durable and comfortable. Its premium leather is completely waterproof which is manufactured from a silver-rated tannery. If you want long-lasting leather shoes for your tree climbing adventures then this shoe is the best option for you. For extreme gripping and flexibility while climbing trees, this shoe also comes with rubber soles and outsoles. These shoes are so flexible that you can even twist them and put them back on their previous form without damaging its body.

Its solid rubber has multi-directional lugs that increase grip and comfort to its furthest level. Along with its waterproof leather, its speed lace hardware ensures maximum waterproofing. You can tie its speed laces with lace hooks at top so tightly that water can not enter inside the shoe even if you walk on water. This means that you can use this premium shoe in any weather & ambiance condition.

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The seam-sealed construction of this shoe doesn’t just look stylish but it also is rustproof. So, you can wear it in the dirt, mountain rocks, and of course in trees without rusting away your shoes. This shoe is very much light weighted that you can use it for any tough situations like rock climbing, off-roading, etc.


  • Premium quality leather built shoes with 100% waterproofing.
  • Comfortable rubber soles and outsoles with multi-directional lugs.
  • Easy to use speed laces hardware with lace hooks on top.
  • The shoe surface is rustproof with seam-sealed construction.


  • Its price is too much according to its features.
Timberland mens White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Medium Brown, 7 US
  • Our White Ledge Men's Hiking Boots have premium full-grain waterproof leather uppers, seam-sealed waterproof construction, and rustproof speed lace hardware with hooks at top for secure lacing.
  • LOOK NO FURTHER for trail-ready performance and style. Our selection of men’s hiking boots, waterproof hiking boots, casual boots, and casual shoes is designed to fit in with your outdoor-ready ensembles.
  • TIMBERLAND HAS YOU COVERED whether you're looking for men's boots, women's boots, or kids boots. For the best in hiking boots, rain boots, work boots, casual shoes & boots & more, choose Timberland.
  • WHAT YOU NEED IN THE OUTDOORS: Timberland has the gear you need for all your outdoor adventures, including jackets and coats for outdoor activities, backpacks and luggage & outdoor accessories.
  • Covered by the Timberland Limited Warranty. For complete terms, limitations, and instructions on how to make a warranty claim, please visit the Timberland website.

4. Danner Men’s Logger 8″ Work Boot

Danner Men's Logger 8" 400G Work Boot

Danner men’s logger boots are the best tree climbing boots for beginners. These shoes are very much popular for their highly praised comfort features. No other shoes provide such magnificent comfort features as Danner does. If your priority is comfort for climbing trees then this is the ideal choice. These boots are no less than other tree climbing boots in the matter of durability.

These shoes are highly durable as they are built with 100% oiled nubuck leather. It was specially built for outdoor conditions such as dirty route tracking and rainy seasons. The leather is completely waterproof. So, you don’t have to worry about your legs getting wet while climbing trees.

Just like other tree climbing boots, these boots are also built with good quality rubber soles and outsoles. These soles are highly comfortable and flexible for climbing trees easily. These rubber soles are so durable and flexible that you can twist them without any damage. Such good quality rubber soles were really necessary for comfortable tree climbing.       

This shoe comes with some premium features. Its body shape is specially designed for more comfort. Its plain toe design ensures maximum comfort for your toes for twisting them while you are climbing trees. Though it is an ankle-high boot, it ensures proper ankle movement while climbing, jumping, and running.

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The manufacturers have adjusted this shoe with a light-weight Bi fit board for heel rigidity. This ensures maximum gripping and comfort while climbing trees in any condition. A lot of shoes have forefoot flexibility problems which makes them unsuitable for tree climbing. But this shoe forefoot flexibility is more than perfect for its light-weight Bi fit board.


  • Comes with Danner dry waterproof protection.
  • An advanced lightweight Bi fit board ensures heel rigidity and forefoot flexibility.
  • The ankle-high design was built with 100% oiled nubuck leather.
  • Strong gripping rubber soles and outsoles.


  • Poor breathability which leads your legs to sweat and gets too hot.
Danner Logger Boots for Men - Waterproof, Oiled Nubuck Leather on a Lightweight Platform with Vibram 360 Traction Outsole with 90-Degree Heel, Black - 10 D
  • RUGGED Nubuck leather outdoor work boots for men, designed for longevity and to provide a shorter breaking-in period
  • WATERPROOF boots for men featuring the breathable Danner Dry barrier, which locks water out while letting heat and sweat escape, ideal wildland, firefighting boots
  • LIGHTWEIGHT with innovations like the Bi Fit Board, which combines the shank, lasting board, and midsole into a single unified piece for support without the weight
  • ORTHOLITE COMFORT footbed featuring three layers of variable density for cushioning and shock-absorption on uneven terrain
  • SLIP-RESISTANT logging and lineman boots with pronounced 90-degree heel, ASTM F2892-18 EH electrical hazard resistance-certified

5. Timberland PRO Men’s Composite Safety Toe Waterproof Logger

Timberland PRO Men's Evergreen 8 Inch Composite Safety Toe Insulated Waterproof Industrial Work Boot, Turkish Coffee, 7 Wide

Timberland pro men’s logger boot is one of the best tree climbing boots under 300. It comes with advanced safety and stylish outlook at the same time. The stylish brown textile leather design of this boot is stylish and eye-catching. This shoe is highly preferred for its promising waterproofing.

The first admirable thing about timberland pro is its built quality. It is made of 100% textile leather which is highly durable and comfortable. This leather surface is fully waterproof and rustproof so you can use it in any weather conditions. High ankle design makes its waterproofing even more promising. Even though it has high ankles, its ankle movement is flexible. This flexibility is essential for tree climbing purposes. For gripping and traction, this shoe also uses rubber soles and outsoles.

The outsoles come with block rigs that help to provide grip and traction in sturdy surfaces. While climbing trees, most of the tree climbing shoes get punctured when you step on sharp surfaces. This shoe prevents this problem with its puncture-resistant plate in the outsole. These plates also provide flexible underfoot protection. Such a unique protection facility is not available in any of its competitor boots.

Along with waterproofing, these boots come with flame laminated Thermo lite insulation. This ensures your legs’ safety from water, flammables, and other heating objects. It has shock absorbing anti-fatigue technology that ensures premium comfort. No other shoes in this price range offer such amusing facilities that timberland pro men’s logger boots do.


  • Secured & comfortable grip with rubber soles.
  • Comes with puncture-resistant plates to ensure flexible underfoot protection.
  • 100% waterproofing with flame laminated Thermolite insulation.
  • Premium smoothness with shock-absorbing anti-fatigue technology.


  • These boots are too heavy.
Timberland PRO Men's Evergreen 8 Inch Composite Safety Toe Insulated Waterproof Industrial Work Boot, Turkish Coffee, 7 Wide
  • Premium waterproof leather with waterproof membrane and asymmetrical composite safety toe powered by CarbonShield Technology
  • Anti-Fatigue Technology polyurethane footbed for shock absorption and energy return and a triple-ribbed steel shank for structural support
  • Exclusive Independent Suspension Network (ISN) system for superior control, support and agility, with Vibram Fire & Ice outsole for optimal performance in any temperature, durability and traction
  • Exospine technology to provide lasting structure, durability and improved heel fit, with dual-purpose top hardware for insant lacing customization and unique pull-on features for ease of entry
  • Goodyear welt construction for a durable mechanical bond and a breathable, moisture-wicking lining with treatment for odor control

6. Crampons Non – Slip shoes/Boots from Vdealen

Vdealen Crampons for Hiking Boots, 19 Teeth Stainless Steel Anti-Slip Traction Ice Cleats, Slip-Resistant Snow Ice Spikes,Crampons,Ice Snow Grips for Walking on Ice Snow (Black, M(36-40))

Here is a pair of anti-slip shoes from Lixada. This is one of the most comfortable outdoor shoes for tree climbing. It is famous for tree climbing, rock climbing, snow climbing, and adventurous tasks. This shoe reliability of long lastingness is also more than what you can ask for. Let’s talk about its built-in quality. It is made of high-quality TPE rubber. These rubbers are durable and long-lasting.

These boots come in two colors which are black and orange. The design looks really good for a rubber sports shoe. This shoe is suitable for all types of sports and hiking as it is so light weighted. For gripping and flexibility, this shoe uses rubber soles and outsoles with rugs. But what amuses me is the stainless steel claws that are attached to rugs.

These high hardness steel claws are used for creating extreme traction which adds more comfort to tree climbing. The spikes of these boots are made of heat-treated stainless steel. Thus, these spikes can provide grip in both high and extremely low temperatures. You can use these boots for strong traction in ice or frozen trees. The spikes are positioned in proper forms so that they don’t damage the tree’s surface too much.

These light weighted boots are easy to carry and store as they are corrosion-proof. While using these boots for a long time for hiking or climbing purposes, you would not feel any discomfort since they have astonishing breathability facilities with these rubber boots.


  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable rubber built boots.
  • Excellent traction and grip with stainless steel spikes.
  • Can be used for a long time without sweating your legs for its amazing breathability.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes such as hiking, mountain climbing & tree climbing.
  • Provides strong traction in ice and other low-temperature surfaces.


  • Cheap quality chain links are used for spikes in these boots.
Vdealen Crampons for Hiking Boots, 19 Teeth Stainless Steel Anti-Slip Traction Ice Cleats, Slip-Resistant Snow Ice Spikes,Crampons,Ice Snow Grips for Walking on Ice Snow (Black, M(36-40))
  • ❉ FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE - The 19 teeth crampons utilizes a tension fit system can fasten securely on any shoes and prevent move side-to-side for comfortable and durable. Ensure that the crampons are more compact and safer to keep your safety and Injury-free on a slippery conditions. The crampons are fit for women and men, suitable for all kinds of outdoor shoes, such as hiking shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, boots, dress shoes and so on.
  • ❉ HIGH-PERFORMANCE MATERIALS - This crampons mainly made of super-elastic plastic, manganese steel jaws, a durable steel chain and a silicone rubber band to makes it never bend. The new upgraded 19 teeth crampons with better traction and grip and also is of flexibility, anti-abrasion ensuring that your shoes are tightly held to reduce the risk of hurt from falls or slips. Suitable for use in icy, snow and slippery conditions.
  • ❉ CONVENIENCE AND PORTABLE - The crampons are small size, light weigh and easy to carry for can be put in a small storage bag and even pockets. The package includes 1 pair of Crampons and 1 piece of carry Bag. Ergonomically unique design ensure the chain will not slip and grip your steps. You can walk easily and safely in inclement weather.
  • ❉ MULITIPLE USE - You can use it not only for outdoor ice and snow but also for mud and wet grass or other poor conditions, hiking, climbing, fishing, shoveling snow and other outdoor activities, protect you and your family from slipping and falling. Also for the use of snow and ice in the city, very easy to put on and take off. Particularly suitable for the elderly and children in snow and ice road and or slippery season to use.
  • ❉ BEST QUALITY - Our Vdealen 19 teeth Crampons are of good quality. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer you satisfactory solution.

7. KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Mid Work Boot

KEEN Utility Men's Flint Mid Steel Toe Work Shoe, Shitake/Rust, 8

Keen utility men’s flint mid work boots are also suitable for tree climbing. These shoes look sporty enough for running and hiking in off-road tracks. You can use them on all beaches, mountain roads, and city roads. These hybrid shoes provide comfort and durability in all types of places. The Dual-density midsoles of these boots are so comfortable that you never feel the solidness of any surface.

The outsoles and innersoles are both made of durable rubbers. These rubbers are very much flexible for twisting them in any form. Thus, you can wear these shoes for a long time without any damage. Keen has used waterproof leather for these boots. There is no way of water getting inside your shoes with this leather. This means that you can wear these shoes in all types of weather and ambiances.

This waterproofing feature makes it the perfect hybrid shoe for tree climbing. You face a lot of small accidents that occur while climbing trees and hurt yourself. But these boots prevent your legs from getting hurt with its steel toes. These steel toes prevent any damage or force you might face while climbing trees. Big blocks of rugs are also available to help you balance so that you don’t fall off the tree.

Keens utility mud works boots come in three different colors. You can choose any color and size that fits your legs. Your discomfort of wearing boots for a long time is also prevented with these boots as its breathability is properly maintained as it is constructed with airflow design.


  • Durable and waterproof leather built tree climbing boots.
  • Usable for multiple places such as beaches, deserts, mountains, trees, etc.
  • Legs safety is secured with steel toes.
  • Comfortable compression-molded EVA midsoles.
  • Big block rugs and flexible rubber soles for better grip and balance.


  • These boots are not approved by CSA.

8. Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5 Zipper Military Shoes

Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS Side Zip Military and Tactical Boot, Black (001)/Black, 12

Here is the last best choice you can make. Under armor, mens zipper military shoes are one of the most durable leather shoes in its price range. These boots are really popular for their zip design and ease of entry. They have proper safety features and comfort features in these shoes at astonishing value for money. First of all, these boots are made of synthetic leather & textiles.

The black leather and black textiles combination look charming to wear while hiking and climbing mountains or trees. The leather quality is durable for long-lasting use. These leather shoes are also used for tactical purposes as they are so durable. This shoe comes with medial side zip which ensures ease of entry. Such a comfortable entry feature is really rare to find in tree climbing boots.

Its rubber soles add more comfort to its users as they are extremely flexible. This type of flexibility adds more comfort to tree climbing and other hiking tasks. For your safety, while hiking and climbing, these boots come with TPU toe caps. These toe caps protect your toes from getting hurt when you bump your legs with anything.

The outsole of these boots adds more safety by securing grip and traction for tree climbing. UA clutch fit ankle support system of these shoes provides support for flexibility and comfort while hiking or climbing. The boot is abrasion resistant as it is welded with PU film surrounds. The only problem with these shoes is its weak waterproofing. Water can easily get inside these shoes even while it’s raining.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to use for a long time.
  • Built with durable and long-lasting synthetic leather.
  • Secures toes from bumping with TPU toe caps.
  • Comes with medial size zip for easy entry.
  • Good quality gripping and traction with rubber soles and rugs.


  • Poor quality waterproofing.
Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS Side Zip, Black (001)/Black, 12
  • UA ClutchFit technology wraps your ankle with a lightweight "second skin" for powerful support & incredible feel
  • Synthetic leather & textile upper with welded, abrasion-resistant film around the perimeter of the foot
  • Full-length Micro G foam turns cushioned landings into explosive takeoffs
  • Lightweight TPU shank for mid-foot support & the right amount of rigidity
  • Molded Ortholite sockliner is designed with a memory foam top & PU base

Buying Guide

While choosing the best arborist boots, you must know how you are going to use them. All of these tree climbing boots have different features that make them suitable for individual situations. But they also must have some features in common. Here are some major facts that must be available in your tree climbing boots:

Water Resistance

What a discomfort it would be if it starts raining while you are climbing a tree and the water fills inside the shoe! Your shoes must be waterproof from ankles and their outside surfaces. Waterproofed leather shoes with tight laces would be the best choice for waterproofing your legs and shoes.


Comfort is one of the main facilities that any shoe must-have. It is more necessary for climbing trees as it is a very complicated task. For more comfort, you should always choose leather shoes with rubber soles. These are the most comfortable materials any tree-climbing shoe can provide.

Grip And Balance

Grip and balance is a very crucial part of tree climbing. Without proper grip and balance, you can never climb any tree safely. Shoes with rubber outsoles with zig-zag rugs/spikes can ensure the best balance and gripping traction while you are climbing any tree. Please ensure these facilities in your boots as your safety should be the main concern.


It feels really bad to wear shoes for a long time as your legs would sweat and get hot. Good quality tree climbing boots come with breathability in their leather surface so that airflow is maintained inside the shoe. If you don’t want your legs to sweat then always look for boots with proper breathability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why Are Tree Climbing Boots So Tall?

Ans: Tree climbing boots are tall because they are built with higher heels. These heels support your legs in wet conditions. Such a tall heels deep lug pattern can also provide traction in uneven grounds.

Q2: Is It Bad To Wear Logger Boots every day?

Ans: Wearing a logger boot regularly is not going to affect damage your legs. But wearing them for a long time can decrease your ankle stability. This happens because long term boot-wearing weakens your muscles and tendons.

Q3: Can I Wear Logger Boots In Concrete Surfaces?

Ans: Wearing logger boots/tree climbing boots on concrete surfaces is like putting mud tires in the streets. It would not damage your movement or create any discomfort but it is not necessary to wear such heavy boots in concrete surfaces.

Q4: Are Tree Climbing Boots Electricity-Safe?

Ans: Yes, most of the tree climbing boots are electricity- safe as they are made of leather and rubber soles. Both leather and rubber are electricity-safe and these shoes add more safety as most of them are waterproof.

Q5: Which One Is The Best Tree Climbing Boots?

Ans: Our first choice as the best boot for tree climbing would be Georgia men’s 8″ loggers g7313. You can check Georgia men’s 8″ loggers g7313 review in this article as it is enlisted as our first choice on the list.

Final Words

It is really necessary to choose your tree climbing boots wisely as you are going to use it regularly. Thus, we would always recommend you choose boots with the best of comfort and durability along with your safety even if the price of that boot is more than others.

As we are in the last stage, it is definite that you have chosen the ideal tree climbing boot in your budget as we have enlisted the best ones in different price segments.

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