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As the weather is slowly transitioning and getting more appropriate to go out, let us talk about one of the most favorite outdoor activities: HUNTING.

More than just an activity, hunting truly is a passion.

It keeps you active, vigilant, and concentrated. It also polishes your proactivity skills to a great amount. But at the same time, dealing with jungles and wildlife is not easy. 

You need appropriate gear, and one of the needed things is the hunting gaiters.

Gaiter is a shoe specified for challenging activities like hunting where you encounter problems like crossing small water accumulations or pointed plant outgrowths.

Long story short, a gaiter is supposed to do what your normal boot typically cannot do.

I have gathered three of my most favorite hunting gaiters that combine the best of qualities and attributes.

If you are on a hunt to purchase but cannot decide which ones to choose, have a look:

1. Outdoor Research Men’s Crocodile Gaiters

Outdoor Research Men's Crocodile Gaiters, Black, Small
17 Reviews
Outdoor Research Men's Crocodile Gaiters, Black, Small
  • Fabric Performance: Waterproof, Breathable, Abrasion-Resistant, Windproof, Laminated Construction
  • Durable, waterproof and breathable
  • Abrasion Resistant Cordura Inner Leg and Boot
  • Larger Circumference Accommodates Plastic Boots
  • Lightweight and Durable Bio Thane Instep Strap

They are formed in such a way so as to maximize their usefulness, and they do it perfectly. They are built with tough materials that can resist not only water but also puncture injuries. 

The seams are all sealed well even in cold weather, thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane inside them. These gaiters will last you for many years if properly taken care of.   

They are tall enough for any normal boot to fit in, and they come with a reinforced instep strap. They also have large zippers on the backside, so you can put them on without much hassle.

Did I mention these were also breathable? Yes, they truly allow for free airflow, which helps prevent your feet from sweating too much while you walk or run through thick bushes or grasslands. The articulated patterns make fitting them on boots very easy and simple, without the need of adjusting straps back and forth because the top clip holds them well. 

The only thing many buyers were not pleased with is that they are relatively expensive. Still, if you consider their great performance, I can say it’s worth paying for. Reviewers rated these at 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, showing how satisfied customers are.

  • Durable materials make them last for many years
  • Flawless waterproof functionality
  • Breathable (for warm days)
  • Easy to fit on boots by using one simple hook
  • A bit too pricey for some hunters

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2. Crackshot Men’s Snake Bite Proof Guardz Gaiters

CrackShot Men's Snake Bite Proof Guardz Gaiters, Khaki Tan, X-Large
  • ULTRA-EFFECTIVE SNAKE SHIELD - Snake Guardz Bite Proof guards provide superior protection against rattlesnakes and other poisonous snakes, thorns, cactus needles, and other dangers you may come across in the woods or the desert
  • RIGOROUS QUALITY CONTROL - Each of our snake shin protectors are tested for puncture resistance to ASTM F1342-05 specifications, enough to stop a 12-gauge gun blast at 20-yard distance, and also meet the CAL-177 fire retardant standards
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE - Weighing just 11 ounces each, these snake-proof guards are as efficient as snake bite boots yet much lighter; snake Guardz utilize a patented design that promotes air circulation between the guard and the leg
  • UNISEX SNAKE GUARDS - Snake Guardz are perfect snake guards for women, as well as men; the guards have 1-inch polyester straps and quick-release polyurethane buckles; you can easily adjust the fit to your calf size for maximum comfort
  • AVAILABLE IN 6 SIZES - Snake Guardz snake boot guards come in six different sizes, ranging from small to triple extra-large. These seven sizes cover calf circumferences from 6 inches to 36 inches, so your whole family can stay safe on your next trip

These, too, are made of tough materials. They are called snake-proof because they have a very thick compression sock at the bottom that helps deflect any crawling reptile trying to get in between your boot and gaiters.  

The only downside with this is that it’s not breathable, which can make them feel too warm on hot days when you are walking or running long distances. On the other hand, if you mostly hunt in cold weather where moisture doesn’t matter as much, these should be perfect for you!

They come with straps around the top and underfoot so you can fasten them firmly where needed, like around ankles or boots’ instep. You can attach them quickly to any footwear if they fit (most boots should be able to fit).

In fact, the only bad thing I could find with these hunting gaiters is that they are not breathable even though they are made out of tough materials. Reviewers rated them 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, which shows their satisfaction level with this product.

  • Snake proof (protects you from crawling reptiles)
  • Quickly attachable/detachable
  • Tough material that ensures durability
  • No waterproof membrane
  • Not breathable (for cold weather only)

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3. First Lite Brambler Gaiter

First Lite Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiter - Durable Waterproof Camo Hunting Gaiters - First Lite Cipher - Medium
  • Burly Hunting Gaiters | Gaiters give extra protection in the roughest hunting country with a heavy-duty 4.5-layered construction to keep out mud, grime, snow, and water.
  • 37.5 Amplified Lining | Enhances moisture management by wicking moisture and drying quickly.
  • Secure Closure & Adjustments | Adjustable calf strap, reinforced hook-and-loop closure, and Hypalon stirrup with buckled adjustment all ensure a secure fit for all.
  • Specs | [Primary Usages] Hunting, Upland, Tree Stand, Spot & Stalk; [Membrane] 4.5-Layer; [Fabric] 37.5 Active Particle Technology; [Closure] Hook-and-Loop; [Adjustments] Calf, Lace Hook; [Weight] 12oz.
  • Sizing | If you wear full boots and/or have large feet or calves (size 10 and bigger) choose size Large. If you have smaller feet or calves (size 9 and smaller) or wear a lighter boot or trail shoe, choose size Small.

The First Lite Brambler Gaiters are not only a fantastic option for hot and cold seasons, but they come with an amazing design that’s perfect during elk season. Made from your standard Cordura nylon fabric paired up nicely by polyester cloth panels to provide extra breathability while also maintaining waterproofing abilities!

This is made possible thanks to Active Particle Technology, which grants these gators extra airflow so you can stay cool no matter what kind of weather brings out sweatier times on the trail. Also, if you’re trying to get an extra edge on your prey while it’s rapidly walking away from you by the time you spot it, these gaiters can also double as a shooting rest!

You know that feeling when you’ve been walking for miles and need to take a load off but don’t want to sit on wet ground? Well, these bad boys will keep your bottom nice and dry while offering you some foam padding between your body and the ground so you can rest in total comfort. Reviewers rated them 4.9 out of 5, which means they must be very satisfied with this product, and the price is not at all high either – quite affordable!

  • Extra breathable (for hot weather)
  • Comfortable foam padding
  • Double as a shooting rest (elk season)
  • Waterproofing abilities kept intact
  • Not very durable material

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4. Kenetrek Hunting Gaiter

Kenetrek Hunting Gaiters, Black, Medium
15 Reviews
Kenetrek Hunting Gaiters, Black, Medium
  • Fitted front opening gaiters with hook and loop closures
  • Waterproof breathable Stormblocker membrane
  • Replaceable heavy duty Hypalon rubber straps that don't collect snow and ice

You can’t go unnoticed when you’re wearing these Kenetrek hunting gaiters, but at least your steps will be silent. These durable breeches are perfect for staying stealthy and protected on a hunt!

If you’re looking for the best gaiters to keep water out and keep your feet cool during a hunt, then these might just be what you need. They come in three different sizes ranging from medium all the way up to XL, with four colors available that will help blend into any terrain type, such as green or brown, so they won’t stand out against anything!

And because there are no seams on them, this means less chafing when wearing boots all day long, which can lead not only more comfort but also improved movement thanks again to breathability due to Stormblocker membrane preventing wetness intruding while providing 100% breathable fabric selection allowing air circulation underneath the gaiters at all times.

The leather straps are adjustable and buckle up to keep the gaiters secure. However, they’ll wear out if you hunt frequently enough!

Reviewers gave them 4.8 stars out of 5, which is quite positive. The only con mentioned is the leather strap wearing out, which is only an issue if you need to use them frequently.

  • Adjustable leather straps
  • Good price for great quality
  • Breathability
  • Waterproofing capabilities kept intact
  • The leather strap is not durable
  • Not very breathable (for hot weather)

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5. Vinqliq Durable Waterproof Breathable Hiking Ski Snow Climbing Hunting High Leg Gaiters

Vinqliq® Durable Waterproof Breathable Hiking Ski Snow Climbing Hunting High Leg Gaiters for Men and Women
  • Upper Leg:160D Nylon Three-Dimensional Breathable Waterproof Fabric, Waterproof 5000/5000g/m²*24h; Lower Leg: 1000D Ultra-Durable & Abrasion Resistant Anti-Tear Nylon Fabric, Waterproof 3000mm.
  • Dual Locks For Front Closure, Use Durable Adjustable DURAFLAX Buckle At Top And Front Opening Velcro Zipper; Metal Reinforced Boot Lace Hook.
  • Instep Strap: Durable urethane-coated Nylon stirrup strap with metal buckle closure, Low Temperature Resistance: -40º
  • Lightweight, Durable, Waterproof,Warm And Breathable
  • Protects Your Lower Legs and Apparel from Mud, Snow, Rain and Brush

The Vinqliq Hunting Gaiters are perfect for all seasons and purposes. First off, they’re made out of three-dimensional nylon material, which makes them waterproof – it only comes in black color with sizes from Small to Large (the latter being an extra-large).

Secondly, their sleek design helps prevent rainwater from entering your boots while also protecting against snow or brush debris on walks outside; lastly, these gaiter is tear-resistant so you can go about without worrying that by accident, leaving one behind might cause more harm than good!

The stalking gaiter’s dual locking system ensures that you stay secure and comfortable while hunting. The front pouch securely holds your cell phone, bacon sandwiches, or GPS unit for easy access if needed!

A lightweight nylon material makes this product sleek enough to fit tight around most people’s legs without any unnecessary noise-making materials like elastic bands sticking out from underneath, which could spook animals nearby; allowing us hunters more stealth when moving through our prey territory undetected by staying silent as possible thanks in large part due to its low price point given how durable these features are too – something important we must keep intact since we don’t want to waste bullets hunting something that sniffs us out from far away.

  • Durable, water-resistant material
  • Not bulky or heavy due to lightweight nylon design
  • Breathability
  • Waterproofing capabilities kept intact
  • It may not fit perfectly on thicker legs; however, this is a general issue with all gaiters on the market, so this is not a review section con!

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Buying Guide – Hunting Gaiters

What should you look for when buying a pair of hunting gaiters? How can you tell if a specific model is going to be the best option for your purpose and budget? The following reviews will cover some essential factors that might determine which product suits your needs better.


Look for as much durability as possible as well as lightweight materials such as nylon – these will ensure you won’t suffer fatigue after using them for longer periods of time. Check also to see if there are any waterproofing capabilities either provided by the manufacturer or brought about thanks to specific materials used; if yes, it is a plus (you’ll notice that most of our top picks provide complete protection from water and elements)!


Can they be worn underneath your outer layer? If not, this model might not be perfect for you, given that some people prefer wearing gaiters over their pants instead of under them. Lastly, take into consideration whether they have adjustable straps – this can help with fitting!

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Let price point determine which products are considered the best choices since the overall quality varies greatly between different models! See which of our top picks provides the most for your money and is made by a reputable brand. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, keep in mind that generally speaking, better quality is correlated with higher price points…so this might be something to consider if you want to go cheaper without compromising too much on quality!


If you’re going to wear them for long periods of time, look for breathable options such as those made out of lightweight nylon. This is because wearing any kind of garment that does not allow your skin to breathe can cause sweating and eventually heat exhaustion if they’re used too much!

As a word on gaiters’ ergonomics…You will find a wide array of models available, including those which are completely adjustable on all sides, those with straps going around the leg, bootlace gaiter types for hiking boots, and some straight-up slip-on styles. There’s no perfect answer as to what type works best – it depends entirely on personal preferences and needs.


At least one pouch is recommended as it provides storage for storing items such as cell phones, food, and GPS units if needed.


When choosing a gaiters model, keep in mind that most of them are lightweight, so you won’t suffer fatigue carrying it around all day (although this depends on your overall weight and how much you like wearing long pants).

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Hiking Gaiters

Hunting Gaiters – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which size to buy?

It depends on the brand of gaiters you are buying – some offer adjustable straps, so this is not an issue; others provide universal sizes. If this is your first time buying a pair of gaiters, the best practice would be trying them out in person at a local sports store to see what works best for you!

How long should the gaiter be?

This also varies depending on your needs – if you plan to use them under a specific pair of pants, you’ll find that some models might be too long or too short for that purpose! Try them out in a store and see what fits best.

How to tie gaiters?

Pretty much all gaiters come with adjustable straps, so it shouldn’t be an issue! This said, simply adjust accordingly before going out on a hunt. Note: You can always get creative and fashion your own from materials available at local stores such as hardware stores!

What is the difference between Mountaineering Gaiters and Hunting Gaiters?

Mountaineering requires very protective products which can withstand harsh conditions and temperatures. In contrast, hunting merely requires a regular pair of lightweight gaiters that provide protection from the elements.

What are gaiters used for?

In general, they can be used for many different conditions such as:  – Slipping, sliding, or falling in wet/icy/muddy terrain  – Preventing wild animal bites and scratches (for example, along coastal areas)  – Keeping debris out of your pants legs when walking through bushes and forests. It can also be useful to keep your pants clean if you’re going to climb mountains!

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How do I get water out of my gaiter?

Using a piece of cloth or paper towel, get it soaked in warm/hot water and gently squeeze any remaining water out before placing it in direct sunlight to air dry.

Do I need gaiters for hiking?

It really depends on the terrain you’re going into – if there is a risk of mud or ice on rocks, then yes, you might consider investing in a pair! However, if your hikes will be mostly on well-prepared paths and roads, they might not be necessary.

What conditions should I get gaiters for?

If you plan to hike in snowy or wet/icy areas, they will definitely keep your feet dry and warm! They are also a good idea during autumn/fall when leaves on the ground might creep into your boots. Gaiters can also serve as a preventative measure against snake bites – if you’re going to be walking through tall grasses or bushes, this is what you want to look out for!

Why do gaiters have straps?

These straps allow users to adjust them according to the circumference of their ankles and legs while providing a secure fit at all times. You can even add paracord through some models’ loops for extra durability.

How long do gaiters last?

This really depends on your needs and how well you take care of them. If they show signs of wear and tear, but you don’t necessarily need a new pair, you can always get creative with a needle and thread to patch them up! Alternatively, you can purchase packs of spare straps so that way when the time comes to replace your current ones, you have some backups ready to go.

Do gaiters protect against snakes?

While this is not their main purpose, they do help prevent cuts/scrapes from poisonous snakes. If it’s snake season where you are, definitely consider getting a pair for extra protection! I’ve never personally tested snake-proof gaiters. Still, users suggest that these are not 100% against snake bites.

What is the best pair of hunting gaiters?

We recommend our top pick, Outdoor Research Wrapid Gaiters, as a versatile product that will keep your feet dry and fit for a variety of different uses. For added protection against snakes, check out Snake Guard Snake Gaiters!

How do I clean my gaiters?

This depends on the material they’re made from – if it’s synthetic, then you can use a gentle soap with warm water but if it’s leather, then be sure not to soak them by using cold water instead. Pat them down with a towel and let them dry indoors.

Note: Don’t put leather gaiters in direct sunlight, or else the color will fade.

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Having the right pair of gaiters for your next outdoor adventure can be extremely helpful, depending on what you’re going to use them for. From snake bites to wet weather, there’s a model out there that will suit any and all needs. Our reviews are here to help you make the best possible decision when it comes to buying a new pair!

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