Scarpa Shoes: The Best Climbing Shoes In 2021

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One of the most difficult things about climbing is choosing your shoes. For professionals or passionate climbers, you don’t want to settle for anything less than hard-to-climb terrain. But there are a few options that will be perfect if you’re looking for an easy time: Scarpa Shoes!

Scarpa is a company that was born from the love and passion of three brothers in Northern Italy. When they realized how many climbers were struggling to find good quality shoes, they decided to start their own shoe manufacturing company back in 1938 when it all began! Scarpa has progressed so far because of the hard work and excellence offered by this beloved family-run business.

The Scarpa company, founded in 1956 by Giacomo and Antonio Scarpa, is an Italian footwear brand specializing in ski boots but branching into other outdoor gear. They are the first ever to introduce Plastic Telemark Skiing Boot as well as Alpine Tour Boots that were compatible with their own high-caliber plastic soles. The pair have also innovated Gore-Tex boot designs for harsher climates where snow doesn’t melt all year round, such as Sweden or Norway

Scarpa is one of the most popular brands in climbing shoes. They offer a diverse range, so it’s hard to choose just five! For those on the hunt for reliable and comfortable performance, while scrambling or bouldering, Scarpa offers many options that will not disappoint.

Scarpa Boostic

Scarpa Boostic Climbing Shoe

The name alone is enough to make you want them, and the colors are just as enchanting. These shoes are made with high-quality leather that’s tough through even your most intense adventures! The synthetic sole means less weight on your feet for maximum comfort before long hikes or treks in terrain where grip matters above all else.

There’s no need for laces here because Scarpa Boostics have a closure strap around each ankle that makes it easy to get these beauties securely onto every foot shape imaginable without straining yourself trying to slip off an uncomfortable shoe after hours of trekking.

Scarpa Boostic shoes are made to last, and these rubber soles make them perfect for any rough surfaces. The toe patch is specially designed so you can get a good grip on the ground while running or climbing, no matter how tough it might be. For those who like precision in their shoe size, Scarpa has provided an extensive sizing chart that will ensure your feet have enough space without being too loose or tight-fitting!

The Scarpa Boostic shoes are so perfect and well-made that you will not want to take them off. They feel great on any edge, even the smallest ones. You’ll really appreciate their craftsmanship! The more time you spend climbing in your new Scarpa shoes, the more they grow on you – it feels like an old favorite rather than a brand-new purchase.

The Scarpa shoes are a one-off when it comes to climbing shoes! They will continue being agreeable and provide comfort even if you climb for hours on end. Due to the excellent quality these offer, they have become my favorite shoe of all time.

Scarpa Boostic Climbing Shoe
  • Built for maximum toe power for steep vert or overhangs.
  • Floating closure straps accommodate all foot shapes.
  • Special soft rubber, high friction toe patch for toe hooking.
  • Precise heel fit and sticky rubber for exceptional heel hooking.
  • Vibram XS Edge provides incredible grip and durability.
  • Great edging power.
  • Provides enough downturn to be efficient on steep routes.
  • Great for bouldering and sport climbing.
  • Very comfortable for a downturned shoe.
  • Minimal break-in time.
  • Designed for hooking and edging
  • Toe patches are not ideal for toe hanging.
  • The dye from the leather may stain your feet.

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Scarpa Helix

SCARPA Men's Helix Lace Rock Climbing Shoes

Scarpa Helix climbing shoes are the perfect addition to any outfit. These shoes will make your day, and you’ll never want to take them off! They have a sleek, stylish design that looks great with anything. The color is defined as ‘smoke,’ which sounds quite catchy; it’s definitively an eye-catcher from afar, but up close, they’re even better looking than ever before because of their gray and red contrast–this unique outlook really sets Scarpa shoes apart in my book.

As for materials used, these beautiful little babies are made of suede leather or “napped finish”. This high-end quality has top-notch properties such as durability, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.

Every climber knows the importance of a good pair of shoes. The Scarpa Helix climbing shoe offers all that you can expect from an excellent set of footwear and more! Its rubber sole has a brand name written just right above it. At the same time, its asymmetrical lacing system makes them quite flexible.

Furthermore, the heel is very efficiently sized for every size and shape to accommodate your foot comfortably; with this in mind, I’m sure anyone who purchases these will appreciate their stitching as well – one thing which sets great quality apart from mediocre ones

If you are on the lookout for a durable shoe that is also comfortable and promises to perform well, then I highly recommend these Scarpa Helix climbing shoes. They have all of those qualities in spades! Right after your first use with them, you will immediately be impressed by their performance too. Amazon has a wide variety size-wise available, so there should not be any problem finding one which fits comfortably around your foot as desired. All in all, it’s an amazing product!

SCARPA Men's Helix Lace Rock Climbing Shoes for Trad and Sport Climbing - Hyper Blue - 6.5
  • EU Size: 39 – US Size: 7.5 Women/6.5 Men | Classic For A Reason | With more than a few awards to its name, the Helix offers a classic lace-up design that’s a fan-favorite among climbing guides, beginning climbers, and anyone looking for an all-day climbing shoe.
  • Padded Heel Cup | Hugging your heel in all the right places, the built-in heel cushioning provides a secure fit without pinching your Achilles tendon.
  • Vibram XS Edge Rubber | Offering superb support, the XS Edge rubber is stiff, consistent, and durable — ideal for climbers learning the nuances of foot placements.
  • Symmetrical Profile | Designed to match the natural shape of your foot, the nearly symmetrical construction is perfect for slab and crack climbing.
  • Sizing Advice – Leather climbing shoes should fit snugly, but they can also stretch over time. An ideal fit should have no dead space, even after stretching. Use the sizing chart in the product images or description to find your size, then downsize ½ to 1 size for premium performance.
  • Great beginner/intermediate shoe
  • Super Soft and Fitted Design
  • Sensitive without Lack of Protection
  • Excellent Versatile Starter Shoe
  • Laces take a long time to put on and take off
  • Stretchy Material May Affect Fit

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SCARPA Men’s Vapor V Rock Climbing Shoes

The Scarpa Vapor V is the best of both worlds. It’s a workhorse for bouldering and sport climbing, but it can also whip out long days on multi-pitch routes with enough stiffness to keep your feet happy all day long.

We know one person who owns these shoes in three different sizes: tight when they’re hard at work; larger so you can stay comfortable during those big wall-free climbs; roomy if you need them just because (they get dirty easily). The Bi-tension rand gives this shoe a narrow fit that grips nicely around your heel cup without being restrictive or painful.

The Vapor V is the perfect shoe for those looking to get into technical climbing. The low-volume toe box and sensitivity are great features that make it a must-have for climbers in need of something lightweight yet effective!

The Vapor V’s width and comfort are a perfect match for those who enjoy the benefits of an all-day shoe. It won’t work well if you’re looking to get into tiny pockets, but it does perform nicely on steeps with larger holds or when your heel hooking needs some help! Give them time, and these shoes will soften up enough that they can be mashed in any pocket.

The Scarpa shoes seemed clunky out of the box. The break-in period made them more sensitive, and they were perfect for longer outings because my feet felt less tired by the end of it. These are best suited to slab climbing, where you can feel micro edges better. Still, anything technical like single pitch face is going to make me overgrip with these on, so I don’t recommend that style at all.

The Scarpa Vapor V is a revolution in the world of climbing shoes. The two Velcro straps are easy to adjust and tighten, so you can have optimum performance on your fingertips or when using toe hooks! If rock-climbing with extra thin finger cracks has been getting you down lately, this shoe will give that little boost you need for victory at last!

SCARPA Men's Vapor V Rock Climbing Shoes for Sport Climbing and Bouldering
  • Versatility In Form | Built with a moderate downturn and slightly asymmetric profile, the Vapor V blends performance in steep terrain with the sensitivity and comfort you need when the angle eases off.
  • Suede In Spades | A microsuede upper with a reduced tongue volume keeps the shoe supple, while a suede foot base conforms to the shape of your foot, providing all-day comfort.
  • Vibram XS Edge Rubber | Stiff enough to let you stand on the thinnest edges, the XS Edge outsole pairs nicely with the softer M70 rubber in the heel for a shoe that can handle everything from short, technical boulders to long, vertical headwalls.
  • Flexan Dynamic Midsole | Offsetting the softer upper, the redesigned Flexan midsole is slightly stiffer, offering plenty of support and reducing foot fatigue on multi-pitch routes.
  • Bi-Tension Rand | Using a reverse slingshot design, this system connects your heel to your toe, resulting in less foot discomfort and more power being driven towards your primary edging surface.
  • An ideal everyday climbing shoe
  • Fits wide feet comfortably.
  • Durable, comfortable, and precise.
  • The extra rubber on the toe and heel aid in toe/heel-hooking.
  • Features 2 Velcro straps for a snug fit and adjustability.
  • The heel may feel too big for heel-hooking comfortably.
  • Not the best choice for solely crack-climbing.
  • Somewhat expensive for a beginner shoe.

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SCARPA Instinct VS Rock Climbing Shoes

SCARPA Instinct VS Rock Climbing Shoes

Outdoor enthusiasts rejoice; the SCARPA Instinct VS Rock Climbing Shoes are a dream come true! These shoes will help you conquer both steep limestone and granite faces with their supportive design. Don’t let these rock climber’s best friends slip through your fingers just because they’re tough to break in. After only about six hours of climbing time, the stiff leathers soften up enough for them to flex when needed on smaller edges and crystals found throughout technical landscapes.

The SCARPA Instinct VS Rock Climbing Shoes are the perfect hybrid of supportive rigidity and sensitive enough to be a versatile climbing shoe. The rigid construction is not lightweight, but it provides extra protection for your feet on small holds while they also soften up over time, making them feel less cumbersome in other positions than steep terrain where their stability really stands out best.

They’re at home when you need more support, though, because these shoes don’t perform well with thin finger cracks like some others do since they have a wide toe profile, so if that’s what you want, then this isn’t the shoe for you.

It features Vibram XS Edge rubber that will cling to anything and a snug-fitting heel, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping on all those tiny rocks or small ledges during your climb.

These Scarpa shoes are a great option for those who want to feel secure and have an edge on the competition. This well-cushioned single closure velcro shoe will stay tight with its wider toe box without limiting performance while edging close in hard climbing zones like slopers or dime edges.

Scarpa Unisex-Adult Instinct VS Climbing Shoe-U, Black/Orange, 3.5 Women/2.5 Men
  • Stiff and Supportive | Slightly softer than the Instinct, the Instinct VS sports a thinner sole for added sensitivity, letting you feel the rock beneath your feet.
  • Toe Rubber | A large patch of rubber on top gives you maximum coverage for toe hooks and bat hangs.
  • Vibram Rubber | Stiff enough to let you stand on the thinnest edges, the XS Edge rubber in the forefoot pairs perfectly with the stickier XS Grip 2 heel rubber that molds perfectly to heel hooks on any rock type.
  • Flexan Dynamic Midsole | Offsetting the softer upper, the redesigned Flexan midsole is slightly stiffer, offering plenty of support and reducing foot fatigue on multi-pitch routes.
  • Bi-Tension Rand | Using a reverse slingshot design, this system connects your heel to your toe, resulting in less foot discomfort and more power being driven towards your primary edging surface.
  • Able to fit wider feet comfortably.
  • The Velcro closure ensures a snug fit.
  • The toe is stiff, which provides greater power for footholds.
  • The Vibram XS Grip 2 is placed on the heel, creating traction and a stick for toe and heel hooks.
  • The rubber still allows your foot to get a feel of the surface underneath.
  • An ideal shoe for overhanging holds.
  • The shoes can feel a bit stiff out of the box.
  • They are not recommended for those with a history of plantar fascia injuries.

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Scarpa Drago

The Scarpa Drago is the Cadillac of climbing shoes. The soft, supple leather feels luxurious and provides a high level of sensitivity to every bump in the rock underneath your feet. But what’s really magical about this shoe are the stellar non-slip properties that make it perfect for traversing slick limestone or granite slabs with confidence!

The Scarpa Drago shoes set a new standard for high-performance climbing and bouldering. These bad boys are made with sticky rubber on the bottom and top, so they’re best suited to steep climbs or hard limestone routes that have tufas in them–which make these beasts perfect for everything from long sessions of toe hooks to short ones where you need lightning-fast speed.

The Scarpa shoes’s ability to absorb and disperse the impact of each step is what makes it a shoe that any climber can appreciate. For slab climbing, its soft sole provides just enough support for long low-angle pitches without feeling too heavy on your feet, but crack climbers should beware because this lack of midsole will make cracks extra hard work.

Scarpa Drago is a uniquely designed climbing shoe with an equally unique output tone of voice. These sleek-looking racing car Scarpa shoes are perfect for steep limestone climbs. They will help you flow up the rock effortlessly, while they also provide long-term foot strength benefits. The sensitivity of these babies can’t be beaten!

Scarpa Unisex-Adult Drago Climbing Shoe, Yellow, 4 Women/3 Men
1 Reviews
Scarpa Unisex-Adult Drago Climbing Shoe, Yellow, 4 Women/3 Men
  • PCB Active Randing provides lightweight power transfer
  • 1/3 length Vibram XS Grip 2 makes thse shoes stick like glue
  • Perfect for bouldering and overhanging sport climbing
  • Microsuede upper wrapped in a T45 rand provides strength, elasticity, and friction
  • Incredibly sensitive and soft
  • Downturned asymmetrical shape
  • Comfortable
  • Quick easy on/off
  • Best for bouldering and sport climbing
  • Can fit wide feet well
  • Very expensive

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Best Scarpa shoes – Buying Guide

Climbing is a sport that encompasses many different aspects. Depending on the climbing area, every climber will have their own preference in shoes to wear, which can be very difficult for those new to the world of climbing.

There are so many factors involved in choosing what shoe you want or need; from durability, comfortability, grip-leveling ability – it’s hard not knowing which type is best suited for your rock style! That’s why we created this list, ranking our favorite Scarpa shoes (in no particular order) based on user reviews where they detail each product thoroughly as well as personal experience when testing them out ourselves.

What You Should Know Before Buying Scarpa Climbing Shoes

The Scarpa shoes are the ultimate tool for expertise and success in climbing. With many stores insisting on a no-returns policy, it can be intimidating to buy these shoes without first trying them out; however, you will have a greater chance at finding what works best with some knowledge of your foot type.

Important Features

So, what should you look for in climbing shoes? That depends on what type of rock face will be your ultimate destination. Scarpa and other manufacturers produce a variety of good all-around shoes. Still, if you are pushing yourself in one particular discipline of the sport (bouldering or competition), then it would make sense to invest more specifically into a shoe that caters to those styles. For example, boulderers need lots of rubber around their toes. At the same time, competition climbers want less bulk underfoot so they can wear heavy socks during winter competitions!

The best shoes for slab climbers are often comfortable and flexible, with plenty of surface contact on sloping volumes or rocks. Multi-pitchers, in particular, should look for a shoe that they can wear all day without causing too much discomfort.

While most people think that an aggressive downturn is essential, it isn’t always the best choice – especially when you’re climbing steep roof routes or retaining power while pushing up such extreme angles as a multi-pitcher would need to do at times. If you want something more aggressive than flat but not quite as severe as what’s typically found on bouldering shoes (which may hinder technical moves), try looking into some models where both big toes have been brought closer together, so your foot has better stability and balance.

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Scarpa shoes have been around and steadily gaining more recognition in the industry for some time. What makes this company stand out as a premier choice, especially at its higher price point? Well, they have an extensive range of shoe types to suit every style – from beginner’s models up through elite level performance footwear which is lightweight with great traction on any surface.

The majority of other brands really only offer affordable options to beginners or those who just don’t want to spend too much money; but if you’re looking for high-end gear that was made by climbers themselves specifically so it can cater exactly what all styles need, then look no further than Scarpa shoes.

best SCARPA climbing shoes

Frequently Asked Questions – Scarpa Shoes

Are Scarpa Climbing Shoes Good For Beginners?

Scarpa shoes are a great option for beginners. Scarpa has some lower-priced options for those on a budget that offer many of the same benefits as their more expensive counterparts. A few examples include The Origin and Helix from the Origins Collection; or Velocity Series, which our team hasn’t featured yet! All three shoes have nearly identical flat profiles, which make them perfect to start out with when you’re still learning your way around climbing walls.

At first glance, you might not be able to tell much difference between these models. Still, after getting hands-on experience with each shoe, we can say they perform very differently in specific conditions – making it possible to find one that’s best suited for what you need while starting off without having an investment.

Are Scarpa Climbing Shoes Good For Women?

Women’s shoes are often simplified to accommodate the softer contours of a woman’s feet. But Scarpa has found that women come in all shapes and sizes, so they have created climbing footwear for everyone! The brand is inclusive through their Scarpa Stands program, which brings attention and equity to people of all genders and colors in the world of rock climbing.

Do Scarpa Shoes Stretch?

Every Scarpa climbing shoe stretches, but not as much if they are made from synthetic materials. After a few intense sessions with your shoes on, you will find that these climbing boots start to feel more comfortable and natural for you to wear. If it has been some time since the last climb – or even exercise in general (ouch) – then don’t be surprised when they go back down by size after an extended break!

All climbing shoes will stretch over time- though only slightly depending on what type of material is used in their construction. The difference would depend largely whether one purchases leather-based or synthetically manufactured footwear; typically speaking, those sported out of a genuine animal hide

How do I keep my Scarpa shoes from stretching?

Climbing shoe stretch can be a problem for some people. Luckily there are ways to avoid this issue or minimize it if you have already bought your new pair of kicks and don’t want them to slip on the first climb. Firstly, try out different brands as they each fit differently depending on what type of foot shape you’re looking for (i.e., low vs. high volume). Secondly, wear loose-fitting socks when wearing tight-fitting shoes – yes, that’s right! Lastly: “try not to over tighten,” which will help prevent any loss in elasticity after time passes by keeping everything snug but not too close-fitted around your feet.


The Scarpa Shoes are the perfect shoe for you if you’re looking to make a purchase and want something that will last. They have some of the best reviews on Amazon, an excellent warranty policy, and they’ll be sure to keep your feet in good shape as long as they’re being used properly! If you’ve been struggling with this decision or just need more information before making such a big investment, we recommend checking out these five rock climbing shoes available on amazon.

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