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Best Tree Climbing Spikes In 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide!

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Finding the best tree climbing spikes is a very tough task. It is also very important as spikes are a very crucial instrument for your safety. While climbing hills, hiking, and climbing trees, you would need the best climbing spikes so that you could freely enjoy your adventure depending on it.

Choosing the ideal climbing spike is hard because you can not just trust them by their brand. Many spikes come with different built-in materials and different weight capacities. Among all these variations, we are here with the top choices for you to select from.

Top 8 Best Tree Climbing Spikes [2021] – Reviews

Here are the top 8 best spikes for tree climbing we have found:

1. Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set

Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set with Pole Climbers, Leg Irons, Climbing Gaffs, Climber Pads, Straps, Gaff Spikes, Stirrups

Klein Tools tree climber set is our first choice on the list. There would be no need to introduce you to this known brand if you are a professional climber. This model of Klein tools tree climbing set comes with all the premium features any climber can ask for. High-quality climbing pads, comfortable and durable straps, gaffs, leg irons, and pole climbers are all found in this tree climbing spike set.

This climbing spike set comes with incredibly durable steel split rings that secure ankle straps in place. Such a tight fit for spikes makes your climbing even more secure and comfortable. Extra-long gaffs make them even more reliable for long term climbing and comfortable climbing at the same time. The stirrups are also wide enough to provide extra foot support. This spike comes with high grade cushioned leather pads for extreme comfort along with nylon climber straps.

These straps are the most long-lasting straps available for climbing spikes. Most importantly, it can withstand people with almost all weights and heights with its 350 lbs maximum weight capacity. Such heavyweight capacity is secured with a secured sleeve and leg iron connection of this spike.


  • 350 lbs of weight capacity.
  • High-grade leather & cushioned shin pads.
  • Long-lasting nylon climber straps.
  • Secure sleeve and leg iron connection.
  • Steel split ring for instant ankle strap adjustment.


  • Too much heavy.
Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set with Pole Climbers, Leg Irons, Climbing Gaffs, Climber Pads, Straps, Gaff Spikes, Stirrups
  • 8-Inch x 8-Inch (203 mm x 203 mm) cushioned, high-grade leather climber pads for maximum comfort
  • Neoprene-impregnated nylon climber straps for long-lasting life
  • Secure sleeve and leg iron connection: two slotted hex-head bolts with lock washers and barrel-type nuts join the steel sleeve and leg iron together
  • Steel split ring secures ankle strap in place and allows for quick replacement
  • 4-7/16-Inch (113 mm) wide stirrup provides greater foot support

2. Notch Gecko Steel Climbers

Notch Gecko Steel Climbers w/Tree Gaffs (Pair)

Here is another set of best tree climbing spikes under 300. The notch is one of the most reliable brands for manufacturing the most durable climbing spikes. Notch Gecko steel climber is a very popular choice among climbers. If you want to go for stainless steel made spike instead of aluminum made ones then it is a perfect choice. It comes with solid steel leg co-construction with a rustproof finish that weighs only 5.9 lbs.

A 26 inches lower strap with a split ring is attached to each spike which is amusing. A replaceable hot forged steel gaff is also attached where the replaceable option makes it even more reliable. Hand washable and replaceable EVA padding of this tree climbing spike is astonishing in terms of comfort. Such adjustments options make it reliable for anyone while other nonadjustable ones only put more pressure on your legs.

The calf straps are 4 inches wide which makes them more secure and comfortable at the same time. Such wide straps are very much secure for climbing if you fit them tightly. If durability is your concern, then you would be glad to know that this tree-climbing spike can withstand 350 lbs heavy weight without any damage. Such a high weight capacity makes it perfect for people with all heights and weights.


  • 350 lbs of heavyweight capacity.
  • 4 inches wide extra secured calf straps.
  • Replaceable steel gaffs and EVA padding.
  • Comes with adjustable high impact plastic molded cuffs.
  • Amusingly light weighted.


  • The gaff is too much thick.
Notch Gecko Steel Climbers w/Tree Gaffs (pair) (41150)
  • Steel leg iron construction with rust proof finish
  • Adjustable high impact plastic molded cuff with integrated padding
  • 4” wide upper calf strap provides maximum security during climbing
  • 350 lbs. weight capacity with gear
  • Meets ASTM F887 standard

3. Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck Pads

Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck Pads

Steel spur kit with big buck pads! Its name matches its features. One of these is one of the most durable stainless steel tree climbing spikes available in the market. Its strong and long-lasting stainless steel gives you more confidence for long term spiking. All of its tools are well equipped and perfectly packaged as Buckingham brand gives its best for the sake of its reputation.

This product has no shin pressure which means that it comes with no pain or suffering at all. Such a high standard quality climbing spike can also be used for pole climbing. Most of the professional climbers would recommend this spikes set because of its multiple working capabilities. Such amusing features are worth its price.

Along with well efficient spikes, big and comfortable bucking pads are also given with this climbing spikes set. This big buck pads makes it perfect for long term climbing and hanging in the tree. All these features durability is ensured with its 350 lbs maximum weight capacity which ensures perfect balance. People of almost all weights can use it for climbing.


  • Comfortable and big buck pads.
  • Comes with an extra carrier bag.
  • Created with long-lasting and extremely durable stainless steel materials.
  • Well, efficient spikes for tree and pole climbing.
  • Best tree climber spikes for tall trees.


  • Too pricey.

4. Evoke Gear Tree Climber

Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set Aluminum Pole Climbing Spurs Climbers

Evoke gear tree climbing spike sets are very much popular for their mesmerizing features and durable spikes within the most affordable price. This tree climbing spike sets come with the most advanced features such as replaceable pads, straps, and gaffs along with the adjustable height. Most importantly, you are getting all of these at a very cheap price, unlike any other reliable brands.

Comfort is very much important for long term spiking and hanging in trees. For this reason, evoke gear offers replaceable and very much comfortable shin pads. Straps are also comfortable enough to use them tightly for a long time. These straps are also replaceable. The gaffs are also perfect in size for climbing all types of trees easily and safely. When it comes to safety, evoke gears include secure sleeve and leg connection in these spikes.

Height adjustment option and strong metal built body make it perfect for people of all sizes and weights. The only problem you would face with this spike is that its overweight body parts. These heavy metal parts would create discomfort in your climbing and increase ankle pains.


  • Highly valued for money.
  • Adjustable height’s option for all people.
  • Replaceable and comfortable padding.
  • Secure sleeve and leg iron connections.
  • Replaceable straps and gaffs.


  • Too much heavy.

5. SportClimbers Tree Climbing Spikes

SportClimbers Tree Climbing Spikes – Includes Strap-On Boot Spikes and Safety Belt

SportClimners tree climbing spikes are one of the lightest weighted tree climbing spikes on our list. You will get many spikes available in the market but none of them comes with such an amazing jumping power like this one. It has the most versatile working capability and comfort at the same time that makes it one of our top enlisted spikes.

Are you concerned about the pain and stress on your ankles because of long term use? Then SportsClimber is the perfect choice for you as it has come with no pain or stress on your joints and ankles. You will get the coolest feeling ever. This climber’s advanced design and elegant finish let you climb any tree without any hesitation. This one is also used to climb any tree at the fastest pace.

High-end raw materials and straps make it excellent for multi-work purposes. You have to be cautioned about digging in perfect angle with these spikes otherwise it might not work properly. Even though it is perfect for all types of trees but it is not perfect for all types of peoples as its size is not adjustable. Be cautious in choosing the perfect size if you are buying this one. And if you are someone who goes on hunting frequently, then you need this best tree climbing spikes for hunting.


  • Amusing climbing capability.
  • High-end built-in materials.
  • Gives you the fastest tree climbing pace.
  • Can use for climbing all types of trees.
  • Impressively light weighted.


  • The spikes do not dig deep in all angles.
SportClimbers Tree Climbing Spikes – Includes Strap-On Boot Spikes and Safety Belt
  • Sport Climbers let you walk up any tree like a lumberjack.
  • Eliminates the need for tree steps making it more difficult to steal your tree stand.
  • Makes hanging your tree stand safer and easier.
  • Patented hollow "V" spike design maximizes spike grip in live trees.
  • The fastest easiest way to climb to your tree stand.

6. Hydra-Cool Pole Climber System

Klein Tools 221486 Hydra-Cool Pole Climber System

Hydra-cool pole climber system Klein tools 221486 is another amusing spike sets model from Klein tools. This is also one of the best tree climbing spikes for beginners. It can be perfectly used for both tree climbing and pole climbing which makes it versatile for multiple work purposes. The comfortable and durable equipment of this climber spike makes it exclusive for superior comfort and safety support.

This climber spike comes with hydra cool climber pads which are incredibly comfortable and usable for a long time. These pads are also replaceable which makes it perfect for long-lasting use.  This climber comes with ankle straps which are also very much comfortable. The gaffs are also suitable for digging at any angle and they are also replaceable.

For safety, this one comes with VELCRO brands fasteners which are extremely comfortable and durable. It comes in one nonadjustable size. Though the size fits for most people they may be a misfit for a few so, be careful in spectating its size. The only problem is its weight which is too much according to other tree climbing spikes.


  • Highly comfortable and durable hydra cool climber pads.
  • Replaceable gaffs and ankle straps.
  • Comes in one size which fits most people.
  • VELCRO brands finest quality strap closure fasteners.


  • Too much heavy.
Klein Tools 221486 Hydra-Cool Pole Climber System
61 Reviews
Klein Tools 221486 Hydra-Cool Pole Climber System
  • Exclusive Hydra-Cool Climber Pads for superior support and comfort
  • Klein Claw Climbers with gaffs and ankle straps
  • Strap closure with VELCRO brand fasteners
  • One size fits most
  • Includes a bi-layer Comfort System for support and comfort

7. Pair of Sport Climbers

Pair of Sport Climbers

Here are the best tree climber spikes under 100. You can be concerned about its performance because it is cheaper than others but it gives its best in this segment. Sport climbers will amuse you with its features that you can hardly ask for from cheap tree climbing spikes. It is perfect for climbing any tree like a lumberjack. Thus you can climb any trees without checking if it is suitable for the tree or not.

The sport climbers eliminate the need for tree steps to climb up trees. This makes it more difficult for others to get to your tree stands. This amusing climber spikes also makes your hanging in the tree lot more safer and comfortable at the same time. It comes with “v” spikes that maximize spike surface area and secures your climbing. Along with your climbing safety, it also secures less damage to the tree. So, we can proudly say this unit as the best tree climbing spikes for tall trees.

It is a very light weighted tree climbing spike. So, you can wear them for a long day to cut big trees or hiking. Such a light weighted dimension also lets you climb any tree in the fastest speed possible. However, these spikes are not suitable for long term use as their built-in materials are not highly durable.


  • Can be used for climbing any tree at the fastest speed.
  • V-shaped spikes increase stability and safety.
  • Secures less damage on the tree.
  • Can be used to climb any type of tree.


  • Very thin metal built-in materials make it improper for heavy use.
  • Not as comfortable as other climber spikes.
Pair of Sport Climbers
133 Reviews
Pair of Sport Climbers
  • Sport Climbers let you walk up any tree just like a lumberjack.
  • Eliminates need for tree steps making it more difficult for others to get to your tree stand.
  • Makes hanging your tree stand safer and easier.
  • Patented "Hollow V" spike design maximizes spike surface area for a secure bite with minimal tree damage.
  • The fastest easiest way to climb to your tree stand.

8. Notch Gecko Aluminum Climbers

Notch Gecko Aluminum Climbers (Tree Gaffs) with Straps

Everyone is satisfied with the gecko tree climbers review as they are the most reliable brand. Our last choice of the list is also a model of a gecko. It is no less than others in the list instead it has even more durability and comfort. We have enlisted it at the last because of its higher price. This aluminum made climber spike has some premium features that for climbing all type of trees and poles.

This model of tree climbing spike is the lightest weighted climber spike we have found out. Light-weighted spikes increase your comfort and balance by reducing stress on your ankles which is highly appreciated.  If you are going to climb trees for a long time then you would desperately need this type of comfort.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs which is magnificent to carry people of almost any weight. With this weight capacity,  you are also getting size adjustable pads and split rings. Its hot forged tree gaffs are perfect for balance and prevent damage on the tree. Its padding system is washable and it comes with wide chinch straps for extra security.


  • One of the lightest weighted climber spikes.
  • Comfortable padding and secured straps.
  • Forged gaffs for better stability and less tree damage.
  • Sharpened spur design.


  • Too much pricey.
Notch Gecko Classic Aluminum Climbers (Tree Gaffs) w/straps (40929T)
  • Uniquely effective and easily sharpened spur design
  • The lightest aluminum climbers currently available
  • Meets the ASTM F887 standard
  • Comfortable, integrated and washable padding system
  • Forged gaffs

Buying Guide

You will never be able to buy the best tree climbing spikes for the money without an in-depth buying guide. You have to know what they should be made of and how long-lasting they should be. You will find hundreds of tree climbing spikes in the cheapest possible price and amusing features. Are these cheap spikes durable? Would they keep you safe for this risky adventure?

More: How To Climb A Tree With Spikes: Detailed Guideline

Here are the major things that define a tree-climbing spike:

Weight Of The Tree Climbing Spike

Among every climber, you would find different preferences for tree climbing spikes weight. Some people love to use light-weighted spikes while others prefer heavy ones.

We would strongly recommend you to buy light weighted spikes because they are the best for the long term and comfortable use. You will be able to adjust your legs position and climb easily with faster reactions if you use light-weighted spikes.

On the other hand, heavy spikes look durable but they work the same way. Instead, heavy spikes would create discomfort thus you will feel ankle pain within a short time.

Built-In Materials Of The Spike

Built-materials matter the most for long lastingness. The choice for this matter would be aluminum made spikes as they are the most durable ones. But if they do not meet your budget then you can go for stainless steel made tree climbing spikes. Stay alert! Some cheap brands do not mention their built-in materials. Be strict enough to avoid these scammer brands even if they offer spikes at the cheapest price ever. Remember one thing, the features you need will be available in many best budget tree climbing spikes.

Gaffs Sizes Of The Spike

Yours spikes gaff sizes are the most essential matters for your safety. Determining gaff sizes is a matter of common sense. The more large the gaffs are, the more they can dig. This means that larger gaffs are safer. This is a simple matter that most climbers do not understand as they are still confused about gaff sizes. Most climbing accidents occur because of using improper size gaffs. Little gaffs are also safe but they do not work well in some serious cases. So, we would highly recommend you to buy spikes with larger gaff sizes.

Tree Climbing Spikes Shin Pad

If you are working on removing big trees or hunting, then you might need to work the whole day wearing your tree climbing spikes. Wearing all the gears for a whole day must be comfortable. For this critical reason, you must go for spikes with comfortable shin pads and leg straps. Most people think that all the shin pads and leg straps are the same but they are wrong. Leg straps help you hanging with trees for long for cushioned shin pads which are breathable as they are long-lasting and comfortable. Non-breathable shin pads can be bitter for you after a certain time.

The Perfect Fit (Height)

All of your money is wasted if your highly-priced and durable tree climbing spike does not fit you. There are two types of spikes for size variations. Some are adjustable for size and height while the others are not. We would recommend you to always go for tree climbing spikes with size & height adjusting options. Always avoid non-adjustable spikes if you have never checked them in reality as it would only make you a sufferer for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Can I Adjust Tree Climbing Spikes?

Ans: Tree climbing spikes have climber straps, climber pads, steel split ring, a safety gear belt, and many other important parts. You have to adjust all of these parts of a spike by following its safety guide and instruction paper. If you don’t get any safety guide then you can find it on the internet.

Q2: How To Wear Tree Climbing Spikes?

Ans: Once you have adjusted all the equipment together, your tree climbing spike is ready for use. The procedure to wear a tree-climbing spike is to put your toes on the climbing stirrup. Once you realize that your toes are in the right place, fasten the climber strap near your anklet and fasten the upper belt as well.

Q3: Will Climbing A Tree With Spikes Kill It?

Ans: You should only climb trees that are dead or being taken down with spikes. They do not kill the tree but they do put some damage. These damages are most likely to heal within a certain time.

Q4: What Type Of Trees Should I Climb With Climbing Spikes?

Ans: You can climb almost all types of solid trees with a climbing spike. The only problem is that climbing spikes hurt the trees with their spikes. However, it is okay to climb Palm trees, Redwood trees, Furs, and Cedars with climbing spikes as they are very much solid.

Q5: How To Know If The Tree Is Safe For Climbing?

Ans: All solid trees are safe for climbing with climbing spikes. But you have to make sure the tree has no mushroom or fungus growing on its trunk. If the tree is weak, you will find cracks, deep cavities, and missing chunks indicating that you should not climb those trees.

Final Words

If you have reached this point, then you are most likely to be sure of which tree climbing spike you want to buy. There are only a very few reliable tree climbing spikes that ensure your safety along with long lastingness. We have enlisted all the best tree climbing spikes at the same with many options for you.

No matter if your budget is high or low, you can choose from this list as we have chosen them with different requirements from different price segments. For the best deal, compare your choices by their construction, straps, padding & weight. Happy tree climbing.

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