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5 Best Hunting Blind Windows

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Using a hunting blind can dramatically improve your success rate during hunting trips.  You will be perfectly camouflaged from your prey as it approaches the blind increasing your chances of landing the perfect shot.  Having a hunting blind will also allow you to spend more time in the field because you are protected from the sun, snow, rain, and insects.

Windows are one of the most important components of a hunting blind.  They must provide adequate camouflage for the occupants inside the blind, while providing a clear view of your prey.  The blind’s windows must also open silently, so you can take your shot without alerting the prey to your presence.

This article will focus on hunting blind windows.  We’ll start by explaining some of the benefits of hunting blinds, then share a few reasons why having high-quality windows on a blind is so important.  Finally, we’ll share the 5 best hunting blind windows on the market.  They are well made, super quiet and guaranteed to improve your success rate while hunting.

Benefits of using a hunting blind

There are many benefits to using a hunting blind while hunting, including:

You will be more comfortable
When sitting in a hunting blind, you will protected from the elements.  You won’t have to worry about the sun’s harmful UV rays, the rain, or the snow.  This great improves your level of comfort while hunting.

A hunting blind also protects you from insects and animals including mosquitos, wasps, and snakes.  You can even place chairs inside the blind to rest your legs while waiting for your prey to appear.  These elements combine to make hunting a safer and much more enjoyable experience.  You will be happy to spend more time in the field, which can improve your success rate.

Your prey is less likely to smell or see you
In addition to keeping you camouflaged, windows will keep your scent locked inside the blind.  Your prey is much less likely to smell you, which can improve your success rate during hunting trips.

Hunting blinds can also be covered with camouflage, which reduces the chances of your prey seeing you.  You will be able to safely move around the blind without your prey noticing any movement.

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You can take more equipment with you when you go hunting

Using a hunting blind means you have a location to store equipment where your prey won’t see or smell it.  This means you can take more provisions and extend each hunting trip.

You can take your kids with you

Going hunting with your children can be a great experience.  However, many children struggle with rough weather conditions and don’t have the stamina to hunt for long periods. Having a hunting blind means you have a safe location for your children to spend time while you hunt.  They can relax in a fairly comfortable location as you spend quality time together.

Why are hunting blind windows so important?

Hunting blind windows are one of the most important features of a hunting blind — just behind the blind’s structural integrity and its camouflage.  So what makes a great hunting blind window?  It should have the following attributes:

  • Easy to open
    It’s important that your windows be easy to open.  This allows you to grab your weapon and be ready to shoot within a few seconds.  Some hunting blind windows use pulley systems so you can open the window with one hand — a very handy feature.
  • Opens very quietly
    Certain animals have extremely sensitive hearing — including rabbits and deer.  If you are hunting these animals, you will need to be as stealthy as possible.  If your window makes noise when it is opened, they may hear it and be startled, ruining your shot.
  • Is easy to see out of and has a wide viewing angle
    Having a wide viewing angle means you can track your prey for longer periods as they walk past the blind.  It also means your available shooting angle is much greater.  The window should also be crystal clear and give you an unobstructed view of your prey.
  • Easy for you to fire your weapon from
    The window should be designed to easily accommodate your weapon and scope.  If you are using a bow, you might prefer to align some windows vertically to give you a better view.
  • It is a non-reflective surface
    Windows that are very bright and shiny have a greater chance of reflecting light.  This can startle your prey and scare them off.  Look for windows that are tinted or have a non-reflective coating.

Upgrading hunting blind windows

Many hunters build hunting blind themselves.  They typically use lightweight materials like plywood or PVC plastic, so it can easily be transported.  Most of the hunting blind windows listed below can be supported by these materials.  You will simply have to cut an appropriately sized hold in the wall of your blind, install a supporting bracket and install the window.

It can be slightly more difficult to alter commercial hunting blinds that are made from canvas or plastic.  They may not have the structural integrity to support every type of window.  You may have to reinforce the blind with some lightweight timber bracing before adding the new window.

Even though it can be more difficult to add new windows to certain types of commercial hunting blinds, it is worth it.  You can greatly improve the effectiveness of the blind and the outcome of your hunting trips.

The 5 Best Hunting Blind Windows on the Market

Each of the following hunting blind windows are highly durable and an excellent addition to any hunting blind.  They will give you a crystal clear view of your prey and improve your chances of landing a successful shot.

1. DeerView Hinge Blind Window

DeerView Hinge Blind Window 12" x 12" - Clear

This window features a durable weather-stripped aluminum frame with double strength glass.  Hunters have four types of glass to choose from — clear, grey, clear camouflage, or grey camouflage tint.  The window itself is available in three sizes — 26” x 12”, 36” x 12” or 48” x 12”.  These sizes are perfect for both bow hunting and rifle hunting.

It is a very well made window that can be mounted in three different positions.  The window opens by flipping up and can be locked out of the way with a thumb latch.  It opens very quietly and gives the hunter an incredible wide-angle view.  This is a value-for-money product that works very well.

2. Ultramatic Feeders Deer Blind Window

Ultramatic Feeders Deer Blind Window Swing sash 27" x 10" Clear

This 27″ x 10” window is made from a high-strength aluminum frame with clear glass.  The frame features slotted drain holes, a wide 3/4” flange, and pre-drilled holes which make it easy to mount.  It uses two cabinet hinges to allow the window to silently swing upwards.  A magnet is used to secure the window when placed in the up position.  Two swivel clips are used to keep the window closed.

This window can be mounted horizontally or vertically, to suit both gun and bow hunters.  It comes with everything you need to mount the window.  This is a very durable product that has a solid construction.

Deer Blind Window Swing sash 27' x 10' Clear
24 Reviews
Deer Blind Window Swing sash 27" x 10" Clear
  • Quiet
  • Easy Installation
  • Keeps bugs and pests out

3. Elusive Wildlife MAXXED Outdoors Horizontal Slider Deer Blind Window

Elusive Wildlife MAXXED Outdoors Horizontal Slider Deer Blind Window (22" x 10", Clear)

This is another great product from Elusive Wildlife.  It is horizontally-mounted twin sash sliding window with double strength glass.The frame is very heavy duty and perfect for solid hunting blinds that have been built to last.

The window can be slid open on ultra-quiet rails.  You can also lift out both sashes for an unobstructed view of your target. 

It comes with a marine glaze and a high impact molded frame. This is a great choice for hunters who have built a very solid hunting blind and are looking for a window system guaranteed to last for years.

Elusive Wildlife MAXXED Outdoors Horizontal Slider Deer Blind Window
  • Maxxed Outdoors deer blind windows are made with a continuous one piece high impact molded frame to ensure no leaks and years of use in the harshest of weather
  • 1/8 '' double strength plexiglass in clear or grey tint. Silently slides back and forth, perfect for deer blinds! Comes with mounting hardware
  • 22" x 10" Horizontal Slider - Rough cut window opening required: 22" x 10". Outside frame dimensions: 24" x 12.375". Frame has 1.25" lip around all sides of frame. Actual window opening: 20" x 8"
  • 34" x 10" Horizontal Slider - Rough cut window opening required: 34" x 10". Outside frame dimensions: 36.25" x 12.375". Frame has 1.25" lip around all sides. Actual window opening: 32" x 8"
  • 43 3/4" x 10 1/4" Horizontal Slider - Rough cut window opening required: 43.75" x 10.25". Outside frame dimensions: 46" x 12.625". Frame has 1.25" lip around all sides. Actual window opening: 41.5" x 8"

4. Shadow Hunter SHSSBW Silent Shadow Window Kit System for Deer Hunting Blinds

Shadow Hunter SHSSBW Archery Silent Shadow Window Kit System for Deer Hunting Blinds, 2 Piece Set with 8" x 24 1/2" Windows

This window kit comes with two 24” x 8” horizontal windows. They feature an aluminum and plastic frame with sliding windows.  They use the patented Speed Cinch string and anchor opening system that makes opening the windows almost silent. 

This system also allows you to open the window with one hand, which can be very useful when preparing to take a shot. It also comes with an outer window shield to keep pests out.

5. Ultramatic T-2 Deer Blind Window

Ultramatic T-2 Deer Blind Window 24" x 11 1/2"

This is a smaller version of the Ultramatic Feeders window mentioned above. It has the same great features, including scratch-resistant glass, an easy mount exterior, and a magnetic catch. It is extremely quiet to open and is built to a very high standard. A great choice for anyone looking for a slightly smaller window made from high quality components.

Ultramatic Feeders T-2 Deer Blind Window 24" x 11 1/2"
  • Easy Exterior Mounting
  • Clear Glass will not scratch
  • 2 horizontal sliding and removable sashes

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