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Best 2 Man Tree Stands: Ultimate Comfort and SafetyBest 2 Man Tree Stand

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The art of hunting is much like a complex tango with nature – it requires skill, patience, and above all, the right partner. And if you’ve ever had to spend hours up a tree with your buddy, you know that the right partner isn’t just the one holding the rifle next to you – it’s also the tree stand beneath you.

So let’s dive deep into the world of 2 man tree stands and find out which might be the best seat in the house… or should I say, in the forest?

The Hunt for Comfort and Stealth

You and your hunting partner have braved the early morning chill, stalking through the silent woods. Now you’re ready to ascend to your eagle’s nest, ready for the game to walk into view. It’s here that a 2 man tree stand makes all the difference. Not only do you want a perch that keeps you out of sight, but you also want one that won’t have you shifting your weight every few minutes trying to coax life back into your numb limbs.

Top 5 of the Best 2 Man Tree Stand for Hunting Enthusiasts

When it’s time to up your hunting game (and we mean literally ‘up’), nothing beats the view and comfort from atop a superior 2 man tree stand. Trust me, this is where the hawk meets the sasquatch in terms of elevation and raw power. Below, I’ve scouted out the top five stands that offer durability, comfort, and that little bit of luxury that’ll make your next day sit feel like a retreat in the ol’ sky den.

1. Big Game Guardian XLT – The Best Budget Ladder Stand for the Larger Hunter

BIG GAME LS4860 18' Guardian XLT Two-Person Ladderstand, Camo/Black

When we talk about Big Game’s Guardian XLT, it’s like we’re discussing the ultimate ambush at a bargain. This stand not only brings affordability but comes packed with a remarkable 500 lb weight rating. Add in the camouflage padding, and you’ve got stealth on a silver platter. Safety? Check – thanks to a full enclosure, complete with harnesses, ensuring you won’t fall prey to gravity’s cruel jokes.

While the Big Game Guardian XLT comfortably secures its spot as a top contender for the best budget ladder stand, it’s the thoughtful extras that really seal the deal. The shooting rail adds a stability often overlooked in budget models, perfect for steadying that crossbow or rifle. Carrying along your backpack full of accessories? No worries, the stand includes accessory hooks for extra convenience.


  • Luxury on a budget: It’s like going to a five-star hotel but only paying for three.
  • Weighty matters: Solid 500 lb weight capacity for each stand that won’t rock the boat…err, tree.
  • Safety is no laughing matter: Comes with a ratchet strap that could secure a Yeti if needed.
  • Camouflaged coziness: The cushioning is dressed to impress – and by impress, I mean vanish into the backdrop.
  • Arm rests for days: Because resting your arms on your knees is so last season.
  • Climbing sticks not required: With the robust ladder sections, ascent is a breeze, meaning less gear to haul.


  • Not a nomad: Once planted, it likes to stay put. Mobile hunters may find it cumbersome.
  • The sound of silence: Well, it could use a couple of washers here and there to avoid the metal-on-metal symphony during setup.
Big Game Guardian 18 Foot Deer Hunting Tree Stand
  • Dual Hunting Use: Designed for two hunters to comfortably use for bow or rifle hunting; Withstands weight of up to 500 pounds total for 2 hunters with hunting gear
  • Comfort and Support: Padded 38-inch wide Flex-Tek bench seat keeps hunters comfortable for hours; Flip-up shooting rail offers steady rifle support or flips up to allow clear bow draw
  • Collapsible Design: 18-foot ladder tree stand height allows open shooting positions; All-steel construction is lightweight yet sturdy profile, collapses for transport and storage
  • Easy Installation: Fits on trees with 9-inch diameter trunks; Installation hardware included: Support bar, 1-inch ratchet strap, two 1-inch stabilizer straps, and 2 full-body harnesses
  • Spacious Deer Stand: Platform dimensions (L x W x H): 15 x 6.2 x 56 inches; Seat height (L x W) 36.5 x 12.5 inches; Foot platform (L x W) 36.5 x 12.5 inches; Weight: 53 pounds

2. Jayhawk by X-Stand – The Luxury Perch with Panoramic Potential

X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk 20' Two Man Ladderstand

X-Stand’s Jayhawk is the Sidney Opera House of 2 man tree stands – it’s architecturally impressive with a curved platform, giving you a wide field of view for greater shot opportunities. Let’s not forget about the Hawk’s sturdy ladder sections and hefty weight rating that can accommodate your bestie, even if he’s a sasquatch-sized human.

The Jayhawk model stands proud as the best option for those who desire a comfortable stand that doesn’t skimp on visibility. The type of stand that appeals to both rifle enthusiasts and crossbow aficionados alike, thanks to its generous gun rest and adjustable shooting rail. Its padded armrest is akin to bringing your favorite recliner into the wild – where luxury meets nature.


  • Durability: Built like a tank; maybe even able to survive a toddler’s tantrum.
  • The great expanse: With wide ladder sections, both of you can stretch out; goodbye knee-knocking.
  • The comfort factor: Ample padding ensures your posterior is in paradise.
  • Setup that’s a walk in the park: Heck, you’ll have time to hunt and prep that five-course meal at sunset.
  • Crossbow friendly: Pull back, take aim, and appreciate the stand’s design that embraces both modernity and tradition.


  • Heftiness: Everybody wants lightweight tech; the Jayhawk, bless its heart, didn’t get that memo.
  • On the move? Here’s the downside: mobility is still a dream with this tower of power.
X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk 20' Two Man Ladderstand
540 Reviews
X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk 20' Two Man Ladderstand
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 500 lbs., STAND WEIGHT: 122 lbs.
  • SAFETY HARNESS: Two 4-pt. full-body harness
  • STAND HEIGHT: 20' to Shooting Rail, PLATFORM SIZE: 42" Wide x 34" Deep
  • SEAT SIZE: 39" Wide x 17" Deep, SEAT CUSHION: Comfort-FleX, BACKREST: 39"Wide x 19" Tall

3. Muddy Partner – The Denali of Stands with Sidewinder Versatility

Muddy Partner 2-Man Ladderstand, Black, One Size

Now, let’s talk luxury. The Muddy Partner is the Millennium Falcon of tree stands with its padding inches heading into the stratosphere. The durability and safety are like a sweet symphony, creating a harmonious blend of security and comfort for the long haul.

Not to be outdone, the Muddy Partner rises as the potential best option for the comfort-seeking, patient hunter. Its Fiber Guard coating isn’t just about durability – it’s a silent promise of concealment and quiet operation. As a 2-man ladder stand, it’s the ultimate partner in crime against the keen senses of your prey, and its flip-back shooting rail screams versatility for bow or gun hunting.


  • The bell and whistles: Includes everything but a butler – think cup holders, footrest, and the works.
  • Durability and versatility: Could probably withstand an elephant if the need arose.
  • Luxury in height: The “Denali” nickname seems just right; it’s towering and majestic.
  • Climbing sticks? Nah, this stand takes you a long way up without extra gadgets.
  • Maxim comfort: The expansive platform feels more like a penthouse than a perch.


  • The price of bliss: Luxury comes at a price, and this stand is no exception to that rule.
  • A heavy lifter: Its downside, like most luxury items, lies in its reluctance to join you on nomadic escapades.
Muddy Partner 2-Man Ladderstand, Black, One Size
  • Ladder Stand: Ladder stand gives you and your buddy a place to hunt high above big game on the ground; Stands 17 feet high and supports up to 500 pounds; Item weight: 75 pounds
  • Versatile: Tree stands feature large, waterproof, Flex-Tek seat contours to legs and back with lumbar support for all-around comfort; 4-way adjustable padded shooting rail flips up for platform use
  • Steel Tree Stand: Climbing tree stand constructed from heavy-duty steel; Textured, weather-resistant Fiber-Guard finish ensures a no-slip grip; Silencers prevent noise due to metal-on-metal contact
  • Inclusions: Hunting tree stand includes full-body fall arrest system with climbing belt, 2 safety harnesses, (2) 1-inch ratchet straps, and (2) 1-inch stabilizer strap
  • Specifications: Ladder tree stand sections: 3 x single rail, bolted; Seat (W x D x H): 37 x 18 x 20 inches; Backrest (W x H): 37 x 18 inches; Platform (W x D): 40 x 33 inches

4. The Comrade X by X-Stand – A Hawk’s Ambush in Ultimate Comfort

X-Stand Treestands The Comrade X 18' Two Man Ladderstand, Black

Imagine two thrones suspended in the sky, the Comrade X is where comfort meets function in a steel embrace. With swiveling seats and high backrests, you’ll have a vantage point that’s unchallenged, and enough room to ensure your knees aren’t making accidental contact all day.

The Comrade X by X-Stand has solidified its role as the best ladder stand for those who covet space and comfortable stand amenities. Each hunter enjoys their own flexible shooting rail, creating an unrivaled sniper’s nest for both gun and crossbow marksmanship. Designed to accommodate the larger hunter, it understands the value of elbow room and a comfortable arm rest.


  • Swivel to success: Change viewpoints as easily as opinions.
  • Seat height and luxury: Ensures your perch is as comfortable as it is functional.
  • Safety in doubles: Dual harnesses keep you and your partner as secure as Fort Knox.
  • The little things: Featuring accessory hooks, it’s the Swiss Army knife of stands, ready to hang your gear.
  • Stand stability: You’ll feel as secure and grounded as an ancient oak, with a maxim of stability baked into the build.


  • High-end expense: You pay for what you get, and you’re getting a lot.
  • Portability: Again, it’s not for the hunter on the move – unless you’ve got a troop of Sherpas.
  • Luxury has weight: The considerable heft could be viewed as a downside, yet it’s the price you pay for unrivaled comfort.
X-Stand Treestands The Comrade X 18' Two Man Ladderstand, Black
540 Reviews
X-Stand Treestands The Comrade X 18' Two Man Ladderstand, Black
  • Features the jaw safety system allowing you to secure it from ground level
  • Features an exclusive 73" w x 18" d, v-shaped platform for the ultimate hunting experience
  • Two independent seats, 10" w x 16" d
  • Helix oval tubing for added strength and durability, easy to grip
  • Center console for easy access to accessories.CONSTRUCTION: Steel

5. Rivers Edge RE665 TwinPlex – The Steadfast Stand with Enclosure for Bowhunting

Rivers Edge RE665 TWOPLEX 2-Man, Black

For those who enjoy the comfort of an enclosure and a robust ladder stand without breaking the bank, the TwinPlex is your best bet. The high-density foam cushion whispers sweet nothings to your end as you await your game, while the sturdy steel construction stands its ground – or tree.

Rivers Edge brings the RE665 TwinPlex into focus as a strong contender for the best 2 man tree stand category, appealing greatly to those who don’t want to compromise on sitting comfort. With a substantial footrest, this stand is built for the marathon stakeout. Ready your crossbow or gun on the adjustable shooting rail and feel that rush as you lock into your targets.


  • Sturdy as a bighorn: The durable build ensures you’re investing in longevity.
  • Budget and comfort: Offering a generous foot platform, it’s a good option for bowhunting both in price and design.
  • Great safety additions: Comes with a lockdown diameter that says, “Safety first, folks!”
  • Accessories galore: Hooks, pockets, and holders – it’s like the utility belt Batman would wear if he traded Gotham for the great outdoors.
  • Double the focus: A solid choice for those who prioritize sightlines and concealment for the big shot.


  • Relocation reluctance: Much like its brethren above, this stand is more like furniture – it prefers to stay put.
  • The tranquility of stealth: A bit of a downside is the metallic choir that can ensue if not correctly assembled with care and precision.
Rivers Edge® TwoPlex™ 2-Man Ladder Stand, 17’1” Height, Flip-Up TearTuff™ Mesh Bench Seat, 40” Wide Platform, 2-Way Adjustable Shooting Rail, RE665
  • Flip-up, TearTuff mesh seat for standing shots
  • Bench seat provides space for 1 or 2 hunters
  • 40 wide platform for extra room
  • 2-way adjustable shooting rail for height and depth
  • Dual tree blades improve platform stability

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best 2 Man Tree Stand

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the wild calling! And what better way to embrace the call of the hunt than sharing it with a friend or family member perched high up in a 2 man tree stand? Ah, but before you march into the wilderness, let’s sharpen our knowledge on why a two-person tree stand is the pinnacle of hunting camaraderie and how to pick the perfect one for your needs.

Two Man Tree Stand illustration

Why Opt for a Two Man Tree Stand?

A two man tree stand isn’t just a piece of hunting equipment; it’s a mobile watchtower, a stealth master, and a means of bonding. Let me layout the obvious (and maybe not so obvious) reasons why this buddy-system in the sky can revolutionize your hunting experience:

  • Elevate Your Vision: Rise above it all! The height advantage lets you have a king’s view of the land, spotting game movements and trails that would otherwise be invisible at ground level.
  • Mentorship and Bonding: Whether it’s your child, a friend, or a mentee, what’s a better way to teach the intricacies of hunting than sharing a platform where whispered advice turns into practical lessons?
  • Nature’s Cloak: Deer and their furry friends rarely look up. Your floating fortress keeps you camouflaged and virtually invisible to the unsuspecting animals below.
  • The Scent Disappearing Act: Elevated among the leaves, your scent blends away from keen animal noses, giving you a significant advantage.
  • A Panoramic View: Get a seat that sees it all. Some tree stands with angled seating give you a near-360-degree field of vision, so no approach goes unnoticed.
  • Safety in the Sky: Less risk from ground-dwelling threats and stray bullets, plus a higher visibility in your orange vest makes a tree stand the ultimate safety net.
  • The Throne of Comfort: Spacious platforms mean room for blankets, food, and the essential coffee thermos to keep you alert and comfy for the long haul.

Picking the Perfect Perch: Tips for Buying The Best 2 Man Tree Stand

Grab your notepad, because these are the tips that could make or break your sky-high hunting experience:

1. Stand Types – Know Your Ground

Here, we’re talking strategy. Which of the great tree stand varieties suits your hunting style? Let’s walk through the forest of options:

  • Climbing Stands: Solo, light, and for the hunter on the move. The workout comes free, but it’s a no-go for partner hunting.
  • Ladder Stands: The go-to for the 2 person teams. Safe, comfortable, and incredibly stable – it’s the fort of the tree stand world.
  • Lock-on Stands: Quick, portable, but not ideal for sharing. You’ll also need some climbing gear to reach your aerial hideout.
  • Tripods and Tower Stands: No trees? No problem. But remember, they’re bulky and better for the stationary hunter.

2. Camouflage is Key

Think like a chameleon, hunters! The color and design of your stand can make a difference. Go for a camo blind if your prey has eagle eyes and remember, dark stands on light trees stick out like a sore thumb.

3. Who’s Hunting?

Kids, seasoned hunters, or maybe the burlier friends – keep the size and safety needs of the hunters in mind. Railings, sturdy steps, and a weight capacity that laughs in the face of heavy lunches are crucial.

4. Location, Location, Location

Your local hunting terrain dictates your stand choice. Smooth barked trees and howling winds need a stand that can handle it. No tree big enough? Consider the trusty tripod.

5. Platform Size – The Scale of Comfort vs. Convenience

Bigger platforms equal more comfort, but also remember, bigger is not always better if you need to haul your stand through the wilderness.

Making the Choice

Armed with the wisdom of the elders (or just seasoned hunters) and the viewpoint that rivals an eagle, you’re ready to pick your 2 man tree stand. Go forth, partner in tow, and conquer the heights of hunting success.

And remember: a good hunt is one shared – and one where you don’t inadvertently turn into a bear’s scratching post because you chose the wrong tree stand. Happy hunting!

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