Best 2 Man Tree Stand

Best 2 Man Tree Stand

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Having good situational awareness is critical if you want to be a successful hunter.  You must be able to identify animal sounds, spot tracks, and see animals approaching the area.

One of the quickest ways to improve your situational awareness is to use a tree stand while hunting.  It will increase your field of vision and make it easier to identify prey.  Purchasing a large 2 man tree stand will allow you to hunt with your children or friends more easily and makes hunting a more social event.

This guide will identify the main advantages of using a two man tree stand for hunting.  We’ll also offer some useful tips for choosing a tree stand and share the five best 2 man tree stands on the market.

Why buy for a two man tree stand?

There are a few excellent advantages obtained by using a two man tree stand when hunting:

You obtain much greater visibility and situational awareness
It is amazing how much more you can see when you are a few meters off the ground.  A tree stand will make it easier to see your prey and identify the paths they regularly move along.

A two man stand makes it easier to teach your children to hunt

Having a two man tree stand makes it easier to share the experience of hunting with your children.  You can spend some quality time together and teach them everything you know about your favorite pastime.

A two man tree stand will help you remain camouflaged

Game like deer, elk, goats, and pigs don’t spend much time looking upwards.  They are usually scavenging for food that is located on the ground and looking for predators lurking in bushes.  If you are perched a few meters off the ground, you are much less likely to be detected by your prey.  In many cases, they will happily wander around the tree stand, never realizing that it is occupied.

Using a tree stand helps to mask your scent
When you use a tree stand, your scent will be left in the canopy of the tree — not on the ground.  Your prey is much less likely to smell you and leave the area.

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A two man tree stand can give you a wider field of view

Some two man tree stands are designed with two seats at a 90 degree angle.  This allows the occupants of the stand to see more than 180 degrees between them.  This is particularly useful if you are unsure about which angle your prey will be approaching from.  Some solo hunters use a two man tree stand with a two seat design so they can change angles to get a better view of their prey as it moves.

You are safer in a tree stand
A tree stand can keep you safe in dangerous environments.  There will be less risk of being attacked by a bear or snake while sitting in a tree stand.  You can also avoid being attacked by fire ants, spiders, or other creepy crawlies.

There is also less risk of being shot by another hunter while perched in a tree.  Your orange hunting vest will be easier for other hunters to see as it is not obscured by foliage.   It is unlikely that a stray bullet would hit you when you are off the ground.

Being in a tree stand is also safer for other people.  If you fire your weapon, the trajectory will be at a downward angle and will enter the ground.  That is very useful when hunting in areas where other hunters are located or there are buildings nearby.

It’s more comfortable

The additional space provided by a 2 man tree stand allows you to be more comfortable.  You will have the room to take more food, pillows and blankets to the top of the stand.  If you are very comfortable in the tree stand, you will be able to spend more time hunting and obtain better results.

Tips for buying a two man tree stand

Here are some simple tips to help you choose the perfect 2 man tree stand.

Consider the type of stand you need
There are four types of tree stands available:

Climbing stand
A climbing stand is a very lightweight option that is useful for hunters who frequently change location.  The design consists of a two-piece chair and a platform.  To use a climbing stand, the platform and chair are first secured around the tree.  The user stands on the platform and raises the chair.  They gradually achieve height by alternating their weight between the platform and chair.  Almost all climbing stands are designed for a single person.

Ladder stand
Ladder stands are basically large ladders with a platform at the top.  They are secured to the tree using straps or bolts.  These stands are typically quite heavy and are best used when you expect to be staying in a particular location for a while.  They are the safest and most stable option.  Most two person tree stands are ladder stands.

Lock-on or hang-on stands (portable stands)

A lock-on or hang-on stand is secured to the tree by straps or bolts.  They can be assembled or disassembled quickly and are quite lightweight.  You will need additional equipment to access the stand.

Tripods and tower stands
Tripod and tower stands don’t need a tree for support.  They are typically quite large and heavy, but useful in places where trees won’t support your weight.

Consider the color of the tree stand

The color of your tree stand may be an important factor, depending on the types of prey you hunt. While animals like deer, elk, goats, and pigs don’t see color very well, they can notice differences in shades of light and dark.  That means having a black tree stand placed on a tree with light bark will be more visible to your prey.

Some tree stands come with a camouflaged blind.  This will completely obscure you from your prey and is an excellent choice if you are hunting animals with high visual acuity.

Consider the age and size of the hunters
Special precautions may need to be taken when choosing a tree stand that children will use.  Climbing a tree stand can be daunting for young children and they are more likely to slip.  If you are taking your kids up there with you, make sure the tree stand you choose is built for safety with additional railings and well-built treads. This is also true for older hunters who may struggle with their balance.

The weight of the hunters is another important factor.  High quality 2 man hunting stands have a maximum weight capacity of 400 to 600 pounds. However, if you purchase a cheap two many hunting stand, that may be lower. It’s always a good idea to purchase a stand that has a capacity higher than the estimated weight of the occupants. If you have two 200 pound men using the stand, it is safer to use a tree stand with a 500 pound limit to ensure it remains stable in windy conditions.

Consider the locations where you hunt

If you are using a hang-on or portable stand, you will require a tree with a diameter big enough to support it. This is particularly important when hunting in windy conditions.  It is also more difficult to use tree stands on trees with very smooth bark, as they are prone to slipping.

If the locations where you typically hunt don’t have many mature trees that can support a tree stand, consider purchasing a tripod stand. They are usually bulkier, but can be more convenient, especially if you have a prime scouting location that doesn’t have many large good trees.

Consider the platform size
The platform size of 2 man tree stands can vary greatly.  If you are looking to maximize your comfort while in the stand, look for a tree stand with a larger platform.  If you are trying to cut down on weight, go for a small platform.

Top 5 of the Best 2 Man Tree Stands for Hunting

We have identified the five best two man tree stands currently on the market.  These tree stands are easy-to-use, very durable and guaranteed to improve your results in the field. They are also very affordable! Let’s check them out.

1. BIG GAME LS4860 18′ Guardian XLT Two-Person Ladderstand

BIG GAME LS4860 18' Guardian XLT Two-Person Ladderstand, Camo/Black

This is an affordable and surprisingly lightweight ladder stand from BIG GAME.  It is made from a durable metal alloy with some plastic components on the seat and handles.  The BIG GAME 18-feet two man ladder stand also comes with a tree stand safety DVD, which provides you with useful information on tree stand safety.

It includes 2 safety harnesses, so both occupants can strap themselves in while using the ladder.  The padded surfaces use a Realtree camouflage, which can be handy when hunting prey with good eyesight.  Assembly is simple and takes less than an hour.


  • Affordable
  • Well built
  • Camouflaged
  • Comes with safety harnesses for both occupants
  • Safety rail
  • 500 lb weight limit


  • Not simple to move between locations
BIG GAME Guardian XLT 2-Person Ladder Whitetail Deer Elk Mule Above Hunting Outdoors Flex-Tek Seats 18' Tall Tree Stand, Camo/Black
  • BIG GAME GUARDIAN XLT 2-PERSON LADDER STAND - Wait as long as you need while hunting from the Big Game Treestands Guardian XLT 2-person ladder stand alone or with someone with enhanced performance needed for fruitful results
  • 2-PERSON SEAT AND PLATFORM - The 38"W x 12"D Flex-Tek bench seat and 36-1/2"W x 12-1/2"D foot platform are sized to accommodate one or two hunters; the system includes a padded, adjustable shooting rail that flips out of the way for bow hunting
  • SPACIOUS & COMFORTABLE STAND - This all-steel 18'H stand offers the space and comfort needed for hardcore dawn-to-dusk hunting; lightweight yet sturdy, it gives you a stable, open position from which to take your trophy shot
  • PADDED SHOOTING RAIL - This stand comes feature packed with a padded shooting rail, which provides a steady shot for gun hunting as well as holds the ability to flip up and out of the way for a clear shooting lane for bow hunting
  • DESIGNED WITH HUNTERS IN MIND - Easy to install; this ladderstand is perfect for use on trees with minimum 9" diameter; includes support bar, 1" ratchet strap, two 1" stabilizer straps, and 2 full-body harnesses

2. X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk 20′ Two Man Ladderstand

X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk 20' Two Man Ladderstand

This is a very durable ladder tree stand made by X-Stand Treestands.  It features a clever wrap around design, which gives occupants a wide field of view.  This makes it easier to spot incoming prey and gives the occupants more room to move.  It has a huge 54 x 19″ curved half-moon foot platform with a 36 x 15″ seat.  The padded seat, backrest and arm rests are quite comfortable.  It is made of heavy-duty steel and has a weight capacity of 500 pounds.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Extremely durable
  • Curved platform gives a great field of view


  • Heavy
X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk 20' Two Man Ladderstand
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 500 lbs., STAND WEIGHT: 122 lbs.
  • SAFETY HARNESS: Two 4-pt. full-body harness
  • STAND HEIGHT: 20' to Shooting Rail, PLATFORM SIZE: 42" Wide x 34" Deep
  • SEAT SIZE: 39" Wide x 17" Deep, SEAT CUSHION: Comfort-FleX, BACKREST: 39"Wide x 19" Tall

3. Muddy Partner 2-Man Ladderstand

Muddy Partner 2-Man Ladderstand, Black, One Size

The Muddy Partner 2 man tree stand has been designed with comfort in mind.  It has a spacious foot platform that measures 42” Wide x 34” and a heavily padded seat that is  39” Wide x 17” Deep.  It comes with a padded and adjustable shooting rail with a camouflage pattern.  It is packed with accessories including drink holders and accessory hooks.  The build quality is exceptional, with heavy-duty steel construction and a Fiber Guard powder-coated finish.  This finish makes for a non-slip surface that helps to improve safety in wet conditions.  An excellent choice for keen hunters!


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • A large platform with plenty of space
  • Full camouflage on padded surfaces
  • Safety rails on all sides and movable shooting rail
  • Very high off the ground — 20ft


  • Expensive

4. X-Stand Treestands The Comrade X 18′ Two Man Ladderstand

X-Stand Treestands The Comrade X 18' Two Man Ladderstand, Black

If you are looking for a ladder tower tree stand with a huge platform and two separate seats, look no further. This 18’ tree stand has a huge 73″ x 18” platform and two separate swivel seats. The seats are 20” high, with seat Dimensions of 10″ x 16” and 16” high backrests. They are heavily padded and extremely comfortable. This is one of the most luxurious tree stands available and can safely hold 500 lbs of weight. A great choice if you want a tree stand that is extremely comfortable and spacious.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • A huge platform with plenty of space for your provisions and weapons
  • The swivel chairs make checking multiple angles easy
  • Full camouflage on padded surfaces
  • Safety rails on all sides


  • Expensive
X-Stand Treestands The Comrade X 18' Two Man Ladderstand, Black
  • Features the jaw safety system allowing you to secure it from ground level
  • Features an exclusive 73" w x 18" d, v-shaped platform for the ultimate hunting experience
  • Two independent seats, 10" w x 16" d
  • Helix oval tubing for added strength and durability, easy to grip
  • Center console for easy access to accessories.CONSTRUCTION: Steel

5. Rivers Edge RE665 TWOPLEX 2-Man

Rivers Edge RE665 TWOPLEX 2-Man, Black

The Rivers Edge is a sturdy 2-man ladder tree stand made entirely from steel. It has a large 40” foot platform with a 13″ x 38″ seat. The seat has a thick 1” cushion made of high-density foam.  Other features include a padded flip-up shooting platform and two safety harnesses. This ladder is quite high at 17 feet.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Great value-for-money
  • Adjustable front safety rail


  • Heavy and time-consuming to move
Rivers Edge® TwoPlex™ 2-Man Ladder Stand, 17’1” Height, Flip-Up TearTuff™ Mesh Bench Seat, 40” Wide Platform, 2-Way Adjustable Shooting Rail, RE665
  • Flip-up, TearTuff mesh seat for standing shots
  • Bench seat provides space for 1 or 2 hunters
  • 40 wide platform for extra room
  • 2-way adjustable shooting rail for height and depth
  • Dual tree blades improve platform stability

Final Words

Tree stands are an excellent investment for hunters, but they can be expensive.

If you are hunting in a location where you have repeated access to the same tree, consider investing in a climbing or lock-on stand. This will save you money over time and ensure your success on every hunt.

However, if your location is frequently changing, a tripod stand might be the way to go.

It’s always better to have too much room than not enough, so those hunters taller than average may want to invest in high quality tree stands that offer plenty of platform space.

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