How to Blow a Goose Call

How to Blow a Goose Call – Everything You Need to Know!

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You will need camo, geese and a lot of things to attract the geese. But more than anything, you must know how to blow a goose call if you want to attract the geese naturally.

If you are a newbie, you might be facing troubles in artistically blowing goose calls. Don’t worry; we are here to help you out! Let us know how to call goose in some easy tricks! Check out if you are up for geese hunting!

Getting Started With Goose Calling:

Before you get in, you have to know about some basic details of geese hunting and calling.

This is the easiest goose call for beginners. There are several types of goose calls but if you want are a newbie and want to know how to use goose call, pick up this one.

Along with making goose call, you can rely on your smartphone too. There are different apps available for simulating goose calls. Among the hunters, short reed goose calls are very famous for all the good reasons. You can also get your hands on the goose flute calls. These will afford you very high-quality sounds.

  • Practice and Perfection

Okay, let’s all of us agree that goose calls are annoying. We are human beings and we have our languages. We are not goose and behaving or calling out like geese can make it very annoying for us.

But if you want to make sure that your hunting gets better, you have to get the right environment to learn how to use goose call properly. Practicing will make you perfect.

Making these calls might annoy your neighbors and so, get a perfect environment where there are no or a few people so that you can avoid irritating them. Also, include this task in your schedule and follow it religiously. Now, keep practicing every day so that you get better with time!

  • Get on With Goose Call

Before you learn how to blow a goose call, you have to understand that you will need effort along with your mouth. You need some basics things to start this. In case of goose call, you don’t need to go to Walmart; all you need is your tongue, throat, and lips! With them, you can conquer the geese hunting games!

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Step by Step Process of Calling Geese:

  • Step 1: The Right Hand-Placement

If you are up for blowing a goose call, you have to know the perfect amount of air pressure while doing it. It is exactly like the wind instruments and so, air pressure is necessary. First of all, you have to fold both of your hands on the base of the call. You will need both your hands because the sound will vary for the pressure. If you blow it with your two hands, it will be more natural.

  • Step 2: The Right Mouth-Placement

For blowing a goose call, your first job is to take a look at the mouth placement. If you are a beginner and cannot blow goose call properly, you have to understand that your first mistake is this one.

On the contrary, if you are right when it comes to mouth placement, you will not be a beginner anymore! It is a very crucial factor when it comes to goose call because this is what helps you is the perfect air control procedure. In this case, you have to place the call on the lips. Imagine you are going to drink from a bottle of soda and do the mouth placement that way.

  • Step 3: Geese Sounds and More

The second thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to goose call blowing is the proper understanding of geese sounds.

The sounds are what help the geese coming and so, you cannot ignore this fact here. You don’t only need to hold the call but you also have to make random sounds for this process.

In this case, you have to maintain some strategies for the sound if you want to hunt geese. Follow them and you are good to go! Here, we have mentioned some easy sound strategies that can help in hunting geese and blowing the right goose call! Take a look!

  • The Cluck:

The cluck is considered as a single note. This is a bit fast and it sounds like the choppy version of honk that you use for guiding the flock inside the decoy spread! For making the cluck sound, you have to pronounce GWIT GWIT GWIT!

This might sound easy but it is not! In this situation, you have to pronounce the sounds very fast but keeping the pace steady. Keep clucking continuously and keep the speed the same. When the geese fly closer, you have to decrease the volume. This will make them feel safe near you.

  • The Double Cluck:

Cluck is a completely different method than a double cluck. If you think that repeating the same cluck twice will make it a double cluck, you are completely wrong!

A double cluck is not only connected with your mouth but also connected with your hands. Yes, you have to change the hand positions for every note. For one cluck, keep the hands open. In the next cluck, you have to keep the hands close! That’s how it works! Now try it, it’s easy!

  • The Lay-Down Call:

The Lay-down call is a bit different than regular sounds or notes. This is not a single note rather this is a series of a single note. These series of growls were used for convincing the geese to land. When you are doing this, you have to be very calm and careful.

For making this sound, you have to say GRRR-GRRR-GRRR. During pronouncing this, you must keep your voice low. But make sure the voice is deep enough for the geese. All you have to do is keep repeating the notes.

You will see that the geese are on their final approach. Do not stop, instead, keep doing it. If you want to make this call more effective than this, you can also rely on a few clucks. In this situation, you have to ensure that the clucks are soft and short so that these don’t bother in between the lay-down call.

Goose Call Tips:

Here, we will also learn about some goose calls using tips so that you never do it wrong! If you are a beginner, these will help you a lot.

  • While blowing goose calls, you must keep the calls simple. The basic sounds we have mentioned above are enough for a beginner for calling the geese. All you need to do is be make these sounds perfect.
  • When carrying goose calls, try to get two different ones because as a novice, it will help you. We recommend you getting a wooden short-reed goose call along with an acrylic short-reed goose call. With the first one, you will get deeper and softer realistic sounds and with the later one, you will get a sharp, high-pitched, and loud sound.
  • Do not stack decoys close rather spread your decoys. Otherwise, the geese won’t get enough space for landing. Try to give them enough space for the process.
  • When calling geese, never look at them directly rather you have to stay still and steady. Look somewhere else and connect with them with the help of calling them.
  • During hunting a sandbar or any other water set, you shouldn’t rely on the large numbers of the full-body decoy. You can use floater decoys for this purpose as these will afford you adequate motion. Good current is necessary my friend!

Final Words

You have already learned how you can call goose properly without making it complicated! All you have to do now is practice! Get a perfect environment and start doing it! Let us know how you call the geese! What mistakes did you do when you were a novice in this sector?

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