Best Goose Call For Beginners

Best Goose Call For Beginners In 2022 

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If you have just started hunting then you must be thinking about the best goose call for beginners. No matter how good you are at hunting, you can never be fruitful if you don’t know how to make proper goose calls. Professional hunters have been practicing goose calls for a long time but you can not do the same as a beginner. A smart choice for you would be choosing a good goose call for a beginner.

This would reduce the amount of time you need to spend in making hunting arrangements. As you don’t know how you can choose a goose call for beginners, we are going to show you the best ones and how you should choose among them as a beginner.

Top 8 Best Goose Call For Beginners – Expert Reviews

Here are the top 8 best goose calls we have found for beginners. We have enlisted them after checking out a lot of them. And now are finally sharing our top selection with you all.

1. Primos Hunting 866 – Best Short Reed Goose Call

Primos Hunting 866 Goose Call, Honky Tonk

Honky tonk primos 866 is highly popular and considered as the best short reed goose call by professional hunters. We have enlisted this admirable goose call as our top choice for beginners as it is really easy to use. With this short reed goose call, you won’t need to blow more air than normal breathing for making goose calls. This means that you will never feel pressure or any breathing problem to blow honky-tonk primos hunting 866 goose call.

Reed system is another best part of this goose call. The patented reed system of honky-tonk 866 does not allow the call to stick. Thus, you can disassemble your goose call and clean it whenever you want. It is also considered to be the best Canadian goose call for beginners as its short reed can reproduce all sounds of Canada geese.

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There are lots of goose call that can make all sounds of Canada geese but this one can make all goose call sound natural which helps a lot for beginner goose hunters. Thus, we would highly recommend you Honky Tonk Primos 866 goose call as a beginner if its price suits you.


  • Comes with a short reed call.
  • Can be blown easily with minimum air pressure.
  • Reproduces all sounds of Canada geese.
  • Comes with the patented reed which allows it to be disassembled and cleaned easily.
  • Requires little practice to master goose call.


  • It is not suitable for making low sound goose calls.
Primos Hunting 866 Goose Call, Honky Tonk
  • Easy-to-blow, short Reed Goose call
  • Patented ditches will not allow the call to stick
  • Patented Reed system lets you disassemble the call for cleaning and put it back together perfectly every time
  • Patented ditches will not allow the call to stick
  • Patented reed system lets you disassemble the call for cleaning and put it back together perfectly every time

2. Primos Canada – Best Canada Goose Call

Primos Canada Goose Flute Call

If you are a beginner who is not aware of flute-styled calls then this is for you. It is another premium quality goose call you can use as a beginner. It is also considered as the best looking goose call for its classy black and tall design. Primos Canada goose flute call is crafted with the best quality materials for long term durability. It can make almost every type of sound of Canada geese. However, it can surely make the loudest goose calls of the great Canada goose.

This goose call isn’t just long-lasting, it would also look as attractive as new for its patented reed system. This system allows you to disassemble this flute call and clean it without incurring any damage. Primos goose call performs the same every time after you reassemble it.

Primos Canada goose flute call comes with a flex-end hose which creates automatic backpressure when you blow. This back pressure will help you to blow this flute with minimum air pressure. You can rarely get all of these facilities and comfort in flute at this price. If you are a beginner then you can choose Primos Canada for more comfort of blowing air and controlling the backpressure.


  • Best Canada goose call.
  • Helps to produce the loudest Canada geese sounds.
  • Easy to blow with a unique flex-end hose.
  • Can be disassembled and cleaned without any damage to its performance.


  • This goose call sounds good from distance but it sounds weird from close range.
Primos Hunting Canada Goose Flute Call
394 Reviews
Primos Hunting Canada Goose Flute Call
  • Crafted from the highest quality material ensuring quality and durability
  • Canada Goose Flute
  • Made in the U. S. A.
  • Perfect for the goose hunter unfamiliar with flute-styled calls
  • Reproduces the loud tones of the great Canada goose

3. Flambeau Outdoors BR189 – Best Long Honker Goose Call

Flambeau Outdoors BR189 Big River Calls Long Honker Goose Flute, Waterfowl Call

Flambeau is another best goose call on the market with the easiest blowing reliability. It is designed with a camo finish for suiting perfectly with a camo coat. This camo finish design is unique and highly appreciated by hunters. Flambeau outdoors BR189 requires the least amount of air to blow the most realistic sound than any other goose call on our list. Thus, if you prefer more comfort of air blowing then this is the ideal choice for you.

There is a special reason for selecting this goose call for our beginners’ list. This long honker goose call flute is hand-tuned for pitch-perfect calling. They have turned it specially so that it produces the most irresistible natural sounds. It is specially used for voluminous honks which enrich the deep sound tone of the Canada goose’s call.

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Carrying this goose call is also easy as it weighs less than 0.4 pounds and you can also hand this flute with your hunting outfit for its tie able design. You can tie it with a rope or band and let it hang in your chest tightly. It is so much light weighted that you won’t even feel it hanging in your body while wearing any hunting suit.


  • This goose call requires the least amount of air to blow.
  • Can make the most realistic goose calls without any practice.
  • Hand-tuned flute for capturing Canada geese’s mellow tone perfectly.
  • Unique camo finish design and tie the able structure to hang with hunting outfit.


  • Too high pitched sound which sounds unrealistic from a close distance.

4. Flextone Team Realtree – Best Budget Goose Call

Flextone Team Realtree Canada Goose Call

Team Realtree goose call from Flextone is the best goose call for the money. If you have a tight budget then this is the ideal choice for you as a beginner. This goose call comes with a unique and innovative design that outstands it from all other goose call flutes. It comes with an improved bell which allows you to control volume and tone more comfortably. Backpressure control of this goose call is also better than all of its competitors.

Unlike other goose call flutes, this goose call can natural-sounding goose calls even in close range. It is innovatively designed with small rings so that you can make natural sounds at all distances. It would also allow you to produce sounds of multiple geese and double cluck pretty easily. The camo pattern design of this goose call also looks quite stylish.

However, no matter how much comfort you get while blowing this flute, you would face difficulty in carrying this while hunting as it is too heavy. If you have no problem with its weight then you can consider this as our top choice.


  • Specially designed for making natural sounds in all range easily.
  • Comes with improved control of volume and backpressure for beginners.
  • Can be used for making sounds of multiple geese.
  • Can make better natural sounds in close range, unlike other flutes.


  • It requires a large amount of air to blow this goose call.
Flextone Team Realtree Canada Goose Call, Multi, One Size (FG-GOOS-00001)
  • Innovative design makes it easy to master a full range of natural sounding goose Calls
  • Improved Bell means improved control of tone, Volume, and back pressure
  • Allows the user to produce the sounds of multiple geese and double cluck with ease
  • Team realtrees natural camo pattern
  • Be prepared for some close encounters

5. Buck Gardner – Best Speckle Belly Goose Call

Buck Gardner Double Nasty Duck Call - Bourbon/Clear - Polycarbonate

Buck Gardner goose call is another premium quality goose call. It is also known as the best speckle belly goose call on the market. It works as a fine goose call flute with its advanced comfort ensuring the design and incredibly light weighted body. It also looks very charming mallard green finish which suits perfectly for forest ambiance.

Buck Gardner’s goose call is pretty easy to use. Any beginner can produce full range goose calls with buck Gardner. You may wonder what comes next as operating Canada goose calls is the easiest thing to do with this goose call. It provides full comfort and control with both sides double O ring which seals air from escaping. Thus, you can make natural goose call sounds by blowing this goose call with the lowest possible air pressure.

What admires us the most in this low priced goose call is it’s buck gardener calls’ quick-tune guts. This feature allows quick and easy maintenance in the field which is rarely found in any other goose calls. The response and reed pickup of this flute is also astonishing. However, you can tie this stylish goose call around your neck and let it hang in your chest with its provided gunmetal band.


  • Used for producing Canada goose calls by beginners.
  • Air sealing double O ring inserts for blowing with least air pressure.
  • Comes with quick tune guts for easy and instant maintenance.
  • Can be used for making goose calls in all ranges.


  • Unable to make any type of goose calls.
Buck Gardner BGC Double Nasty Duck Call - Bourbon/Clear - Polycarbonate
  • Double Reed Design
  • Nearly Indestructible Polycarbonate Construction
  • Best Selling Design

6. Zink Calls ZNK866 Pc-1 – Best Zink Goose call

Zink Calls ZNK866 Pc-1 Goosecall Poly Combo Smoke

If you are looking for the best zink goose call for beginners then zink calls ZNK866 pc-1 goose call is the ultimate recommendation we can provide. This is a zink goose call of only 0.2 pounds. It comes with great introductory options and multiple finish designs. This is considered to be one of the most durable zink goose calls as it is no less than any poly carb goose call.

Hand-tuned goose calls like zink calls are completely reliable for making natural goose call sounds. This one also comes with short reed like other premium goose calls. Zink calls ZNK-866 are available for a single call or in power packs while both come with instructional videos. It is quite a cheering goose call for youth and beginners as it gives them the confidence to make natural goose calls within a short time.

 As a beginner, you will get to produce natural goose calls with zink calls flute within only 15 minutes of practice. They have the same calling ability as an original power clucker. Impressively, their designs also match the power clucker’s design. The manufacturers also provide a video so that you feel no difficulty in using this goose call even if you are a beginner.


  • Available for both single call or power pack along with DVD instructions.
  • Comes with a short reed and many other premium introductory options for beginners.
  • Comfortable to carry as it is very much light weighted.
  • Available in multi Colored designs and wooden finishes.


  • Hard to tune and make low sounds.
Zink Calls ZNK866 Pc-1 Goosecall Poly Combo Smoke
  • Same calling abilities and design as the original Power Clucker
  • Available as a single call or in Power Pak with instructional DVD
  • Choose from multiple finishes – including Custom Hunter with cocobolo wood
  • Great introductory option

7. Primos Shaved Reed Speck – Best Cheap Goose Call

Primos Shaved Reed Speck Goose Call - 826

Primos shaved reed speck goose call is a very light weighted synthetic goose call. This goose call can produce the loudest goose call sounds with very little air pressure. It comes with a shaved red speck which makes it perfect for beginners. Most amazingly, it is one of the cheapest geese calls you can ever get with good performance.

As a beginner, most of you face trouble while blowing air with a goose call as you don’t know how to control it. Primos shaved reed speck goose call solves this problem with its both round ends of the goose call. These round end seal the whole goose call whole you put it in your mouth and blow air. So, you can make different natural goose calls with this goose call with very low air pressure.

Synthetic materials were used for making primos shaved reed speck goose call. This high-quality material is comfortable to carry for being light weighted and it is also highly durable. The reed is tulip-shaped. You can choose from different thickness sizes for reed thickness as it varies a lot for making different goose call sounds.


  • Good value for money.
  • Comes with tulip-shaped reed with different thickness options.
  • Easy to use shaved reed speck.
  • Built with high-quality synthetic materials to ensure durability.
  • Can produce super loud goose calls with minimal air pressure.


  • This goose calls sound does not match the goose calls of many geese.
Primos Hunting Shaved Reed Speck Goose Call - 826
  • Crafted from the highest quality material ensuring quality and durability
  • Shaved Reed Speck
  • Made in the U. S. A.
  • Super loud, requires little air
  • Tulip-shaped reed from 6/1000-Inch to 14/1000-Inch thick

8. Buck Gardner Grey Ghost – Best Premium Goose Call

Buck Gardner Calls GREY GHOST Blue Pearl / White Pearl Acrylic Goose Call

Goose calls with slightly higher pitch sounds are preferred by some beginners as they don’t often get close calls while hunting. Buck Gardner grey ghost goose call is specially made for high pitch sounds. It is designed specially with a short barrel which is made of sleek diamond wood. Its polycarbonate body looks so attractive that you can also display it in your showcase.

The diamond wood short barrel used in this goose call ensures fast response and high pitch natural goose call sounds. Other goose calls are mostly long-barreled which makes it hard to respond quickly but buck Gardner grey ghost is uniquely fascinating. It is made of polycarbonate inserts which makes it highly durable and reliable just like other premium goose calls.

As a beginner, you would be able to make the loudest natural goose calls with this flute with the least air pressure. It comes with a round flute end that ensures airflow sealing while you blow air so that it can maximize the sound with low air pressure. Another great thing about this goose call that it weighs around 0.1 lbs which makes it easy to carry while hunting.


  • Built with incredibly durable polycarbonate inserts.
  • Attractive diamond wood short barrel for advance calling.
  • Ensures high pitch sound for beginners.
  • Extremely light weighted.


  • Requires practice to produce proper goose calls.

How To Choose The Best Goose Call For Beginners – Buying Guide

As a beginner, you can choose the best goose call for you by checking the following terms of the goose call. Not everyone prefers the same features so you need to know how you are going to hunt geese and what features you are going to need in your goose call for that.

Sound Quality

There are two types of goose call sounds. Some are high pitched and some are low pitched. The high-pitched sound is for long-distance which is good for beginners. If you think that you are going to hunt aggressive geese like Canada geese then the high-pitched sound is also going to help you with your safety.

Low pitch calls are comfortable to produce but you can not produce natural goose call sounds in close range without proper practice. However, there are goose calls in our list with both high pitch and low pitch sound facilities. We would consider you to use them for high pitch and gradually keep practicing the low pitch sounds to be an ideal goose hunter.


Mostly wood or plastic is used as goose calls material. There is a little difference between wooden goose calls and plastic goose calls. Wooden goose calls are mostly soft blowing as they are handcrafted. You can easily control tone and volume with wooden goose calls. The only problem you may face with a wooden goose call is their tune getting cracked as they shrink from moisture.

Plastic made goose calls are also known as polycarbonate built goose calls. These goose calls are high pitched and you can make high pitch sounds pretty easily. Though you won’t need too much air pressure, it is hard to control these goose calls volume and tone. For a better-refined polycarbonate, you may need to bear more expenses to get better sound quality.

Ease of use

Ease of use depends on the goose calls reed and mouth shape. As a beginner, you would face trouble in blowing air which is why good goose calls come with round-shaped mouths to block the air pressure inside the goose call. If the mouth shape isn’t round, then it would be hard for you to blow air effortlessly as all the air you blow won’t be used by the goose call. However, if you want to make high-pitched goose calls then short reed goose calls are going to make it easier for you. Short reed goose calls also help you to respond faster than any other goose calls.

Variety Of Sound

First of all, you need to know what you are going to hunt. Then choose a goose call that can produce those specific goose calls perfectly. Not all goose calls can produce the sound of every goose. So you must be wise while choosing a goose call according to your hunting plans.

Durability & Adjustability

Durability and adjustability depend on the goose calls built-in quality. How durable is your goose call? You can only measure that from its built material. Never choose poor material built goose calls no matter how great sound they produce. For adjusting the goose call with regular maintenance and cleaning, patented reed goose calls are the best deal for you. Patented reed goose calls can be disassembled and reassembled after cleaning without creating any damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Is The Best Goose Call Under 50?

Honky Tonk Primos Hunting 866 Goose Call is the best goose call under 50 in our choice. There is more goose calls on our list which also cost less than 50 so you can also choose from them depending on your requirements.

Q2: What Are The Types Of Goose Calls?

  • Flute.
  • Short reed.
  • Long reed.

Q3: What Types Of Sounds Can A Goose Call Produce?

Goose calls can usually make a lot of goose sounds. The most popular goose cal sounds are :

  • Cluck
  • Double click
  • Hiccup
  • Spit note
  • Quick spit
  • Train

Q4: What Do We Usually Say To A Goose Call?

For making single cluck sounds, say ‘hut’ and say ‘hut hut’ for making double cluck sounds. If the goose starts leaving then you can say long-drawn ‘hut’  sound as crying.

Final Words

At this stage, you must have acknowledged everything about the best goose call for beginners. We have enlisted the top choices after judging their user reviews and experts’ preferences. So, there is no need to be concerned about their quality or performance.

Choose a goose call that fits your hunting plans and situations. All of these goose calls are very low priced, so you should not determine their performance according to their prices. Best of luck with your goose hunting journey.

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