Best Duck Decoys for Duck Hunters

5 Best Duck Decoys for Duck Hunters

by Muddy Hunting
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Buying the best thing is always tricky, whether you are buying deer decoy, hunting knives, and best binocular. In this review, I will review top five duck decoys for the waterfowl hunters. These decoys will cover minimum requirement to place their position in our top five duck decoys list.

Few Things to Consider Before Buying a Duck Decoy

  • The realistic look of the decoy, The only thing that would make the ducks attracted to the location with duck decoys would be the realistic look of the decoys. Always ensure that you have the best-looking model. Depending on the company, some brands are known for making realistic models of the ducks and some brands only focus on the durability of the decoys. Currently, foam-based decoys are very popular because they look very significant and they are pellet proof as well.
  • Durability, The durability is second most important part of selecting a duck decoy. If you consider that the duck decoy would often be in the water, the material used in the decoys should be able to withstand any conditions, i.e., cold water, timber location,  and ready to keep your lure good for more than one season.
  • Pellet proof decoys, your decoys should be pellet-proof, so it remains usable if they hit by the shotgun.
  • Price, matters in every expects. You need as many decoys for a successful hunt then you want that amount should be fair to buy required durable decoys.


Final Approach Live Series Mallard Fully Flocked

This final approach duck decoy combo comes with the pack of six are more powerful decoys in our list. It made of state-of-the-art heavy keels to sustain the balance of the decoys, these decoys are structurally well correct, and for the realistic look, it has given proper color scheme and the bright coloration.

These are water load keels for the superior demonstration of the decoys. Every pack of six decoys contains a couple of teals, a couple of Wigeon, and a pair of the northern pintails. Furthermore, It also has mallard duck version, which comes with two hens and four mallard males.

In addition to this, Final Approach Boasting a durable one-piece design, the Final Approach Floating Mallard Decoys stand up to rough handling and extreme weather Conditions. It is Carved by the 14-time world-champion carver, Pat Godin, for the incredible realism and painted with lifelike colors and details.

Every pack of six mallard decoys contains two active drakes, two low-head drakes, one active hen and one low-head hen.The pre-weighted keels of the Final Approach duck decoys could be linked with the best duck decoy weights to avoid them from the tipping over.

Quick Features

  • Durable one-piece design eliminates assembly
  • Carved by 14-time world-champion carver, Pat Godin
  • Painted with lifelike color details

2. Dakota Decoy X-Treme Flocked Drake Head Mallards (12 Pack) 12120

Dakota Decoy X-Treme Flocked Drake Head Mallards (12 Pack) 12120

Outwardly a doubt, many hunters would love what they see whenever they get to have a look at Dakota extreme mallard decoys. Its design has been ensuring that it will give you the realist feeling each time you look at the decoys. To make that look, the decoy has to be created to look as realistic. Furthermore, it should be painted with lifelike details. Keeping the realistic look in mind, the manufacturer makes sure that the decoys get to go through a 24 step painting process, that is important to give decoys that realistic look.

Whenever you decide to get this Dakota decoys pack, you are assured to find 12 decoys as a package. With twelve decoys, you can easily spread them according to your hunting strategy to make sure you get to enhances the chances of getting your waterfowl.

This Dakota decoy comes with the six different head styles. It makes the dozen pack quite applicable in various waterfowl hunting strategies. It has Self-righting weighted keels with cleats, That keel design helps to ensure that the model remains in floating position whenever you through it into the water. It is not just about the design, but also the durability of the models, a good decoy can be used in more than one season. It should be capable of that it will play its role in entire waterfowl hunting season.

Each oversized, 16-inch long decoy is molded of a 60 per 40 blend of high- and low-density polyethylene for the rigid, high-impact durability and premium wear resistance.It has Self-righting weighted keel for the adjusting decoy-line length.Mallard Drakes feature fully crowded heads and a 24-step, hand-painted finish. Hens feature a 16-step, hand-painted, finish. Twelve-pack comprises seven drakes (four head styles) and five hens (two head styles). Imported.

Quick Features of Dakota Decoy X-Treme Mallard Decoys

  • Oversized decoys with rigid, high-impact durability
  • Self-righting weighted keels with cleats
  • Drakes feature fully flocked heads
  • Hand-painted finishes
  • Dakota-bred toughness

3. AvianX Top Flight Duck Open Water Mallard Decoy (6 Pack)

AvianX Top Flight Duck Open Water Mallard Decoy (6 Pack), Green

This AvianX top flight Duck, which is on 3rd number of our top five duck decoy list, is designed for the free water mallard hunter that requires the look of a custom style Greenheads decoy and created to match the lifelike color appearance of a flock mallard stopping into the offshore of the open areas of bays and wide lakes.

For the lifelike color details and open water, These decoys also have striking bold paint colors that project from a great distance to decoy mallards to enter into gun range and are built with the durable rubberized molding material with chip-free paint for years of life on the open water.

All the Topflight Series decoys feature the innovative weight-forward swim keel design that simply snaps line through the swim clip which creates a natural motion to the decoys, whether in current or in the slightest breeze. Decoys are slightly over-sized measuring 14.5 inches breast to tail. Sold in 6 packs.

 Quick Features of Top Flight

  • Imitates resting open water mallards
  • Rubberized molding
  • Non-chip paint
  • Front weighted Keel design for better balance.

4.Final Approach Live Series Mallards

Final Approach Live Series Mallards

 Final Approach HD decoys are custom made designed by the world-class sculptors comes at 4th position in our top five duck decoys list, nationally acclaimed as working decoy craftsmen and hardcore hunters like you to be the ultimate Mortal advantage. Custom-quality, high-visibility paint schemes, perfect anatomy and unmatched levels of texture, lifelike color details, and feather detail make our the most efficient and quality decoys in production today. Quick features of Final Approach Gunners HD Field Decoys

  • Field Mallard six pack
  • Motion System that uses heavy shock cord to caricature legs
  • Includes: 2 drake drinkers, 2 low head drakes, 2 drake feeders, 1 drake upright, 1 upright hen, 1 low head hen, 1 hen caller , 2 hen feeders

5.Flambeau Storm Front Classic Mallard Duck Decoy (12 Pack) – 8030SDU

Flambeau Storm Front Classic Mallard Duck Decoy (12 Pack) - 8030SDU

The Flambeau Storm Front Full Body Mallard Duck Decoys is at final position in our top five duck decoys list, will help you be more successful in the hunting field. This Flambeau full-body decoy is oversized and features winter plumage for the maximum visibility in the field conditions.

The rotating heads on the Storm Front decoys allow you to add the versatility to your range. A revolutionary motion stake enables you to set the decoy for up to the 40 degrees of revolution or lock it in a fixed position on extremely windy days.

Quick Features

  • Patented UVision paint technology
  • High-definition winter plumage paint scheme
  • Oversized (18″)
  • Rotational heads
  • Keyhole motion stand design offers 40-degrees wind activated rotation or fixed to a locked position


Undetectable to the human eye, waterfowl feathers directly reflect UV light to create a living signature that inflight ducks and geese use to assess the authentic “safety” of a likely landing zone. Flambeau’s restricted UV paint replicates this ultra-violet reflection of live waterfowl plumage to use avian biology in the hunter’s favor. Exclusive to the Storm Front II series, nothing outperforms the science of UVision technology to decoy more birds period after the season, hunt after hunt. Let science seal the deal.

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